Digital modelling helps increase field productivity in Wielkopolska -
Digital modelling helps increase field productivity in Wielkopolska
Date of publication: 04.06.2020

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) has completed drilling and testing of the Paproć-66H production well in the municipality of Nowy Tomyśl. Digital oilfield, a modelling system, helped select and deploy the most efficient production solution. The planned annual production from the well is approximately 45m cubic metres of high-methane gas.

The Paproć 66-H well was designed based on a digital model of the deposit. The initial development design provided for drilling three wells. Following an analysis using digital oilfield system, experts from the PGNiG Geology and Hydrocarbon Production Branch opted for one horizontal well. As a result, the well's capacity is approximately five times higher than the average capacity of the wells operated on the field. The solution will increase the field recovery rate and thus enhance the economic effectiveness of the entire project.

"In the Exploration and Production segment, we attach particular importance to the efficiency of exploration and development activities. The effect of work on the Paproć field again shows how modern digital oilfield tools are helpful. They allow us to analyse more precisely the various development scenarios for a given deposit. This translates into optimisation of capital and operating expenditure and energy consumption,” said Jerzy Kwieciński, CEO and President of the PGNiG Management Board.

The Paproć-66H well was drilled under licence No. 102/94 for production of natural gas from the Paproć field in Boruja Kościelna, the municipality of Nowy Tomyśl. It is the first horizontal well to have been drilled on the Paproć field. The total length of the well is 3,105 m, with the depth of 2,612 m.