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Enspirion provides connectivity on Baltic Sea for Lotos Petrobaltic
Date of publication: 29.09.2021

On Tuesday, a cooperation agreement was signed between Lotos Petrobaltic and Enspirion. Under the agreement, Lotos Petrobaltic naval units will use the communication systems provided by Enspirion.

The new contract between Enspirion, part of Energa from the Orlen Group, and Lotos Petrobaltic, a company belonging to the Lotos Group, was signed by the President of the Management Board of Enspirion Tomasz Lesiewicz, the President of the Management Board of Lotos Petrobaltic Grzegorz Strzelczyk and the Vice-President of the Management Board of Lotos Petrobaltic for operational matters Sławomir Sadowski. Thanks to the agreement, the cooperation between the companies will be extended by at least two years.

Enspirion provided Lotos Petrobaltic units in the Polish economic zone of the Baltic Sea with dispatch communication using the TETRA system. The cooperation of both companies started three years ago. – We have a critical infrastructure therefore we are obliged to have a double communication system for security reasons. We found the TETRA project so interesting that we established a joint team to prepare our infrastructure so that it could use this system – said Grzegorz Strzelczyk, president of Lotos Petrobaltic, during the ceremony of signing the new contract. – On the one hand, we have stable communication with our units operating in the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea, on the other hand: TETRA antennas are installed on our units on the platforms, which significantly increase its range. The platforms are located about 80 kilometers from the coastline, so the system is able to support vessels much farther in the Baltic Sea, not only in the Polish economic zone. This is an excellent example of how two companies can cooperate and achieve mutual benefits – said Strzelczyk.

The president of Lotos Petrobaltic also said that the TETRA system has recently been used by, for example, units that have performed geophysical tests for the needs of offshore wind farms. – It is more reliable than the systems that we traditionally used for communication between our base, the dispatcher, and the vessels at sea – he commented.

– We are meeting after three years of cooperation between Enspirion and Lotos Petrobaltic in the field of the critical communication project at sea. The project was difficult. I think that we devoted this time to developing an interesting, functional service, and this is an unusual service. We had a lot of challenges along the way, not only process challenges but also technological. I think we have learned a lot about what connectivity should look like for such a specific industry as the maritime industry – said Tomasz Lesiewicz, president of Enspirion.

For Enspirion, cooperation with Lotos Petrobaltic may become very important for business reasons. As Tomasz Lesiewicz revealed to us, the company hopes to attract other entities interested in business in the Baltic Sea with its service. – The service we offer seems necessary to everyone. Today connectivity is essential. We offer secure communication and, thanks to our cooperation with Lotos Petrobaltic, it has a very long range. Our business goal is to find new partners as part of our activities in the Baltic Sea – said president Lesiewicz.