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EXPOM S.A. Launches Robotised Welding Station
Date of publication: 09.02.2021

EXPOM S.A. with its registered office in Kurzętnik, Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province, is the producer of a broad range of welded structures for various sectors. Its products are mostly exported to the Western Europe. In 2018-2021, Expom S.A. has executed a number of comprehensive technological investment projects, including the construction of 3 fully equipped new production halls, aimed at the development of its manufacturing capacities. The projects strive to increase processing powers, enhance quality of production, and reduce manufacturing costs. As a part of such investments, Expom S.A. will install a complete robotised welding station in one of the new halls. The station will comprise a mechanical swivel (with two digitally controlled actuators) and a robot by FANUC moving along rails. The project will be completed by the end H1 2021.

FANUC M710iC/12L welding robot with 6 movement axes will move along the track that is 18,000 mm long (working movement) and carry out the process of welding elements with weight of 10 tonnes on a swivel. It features a maximum horizontal reach 3,123 mm and the repeatability of positioning in an axis +/- 0.08 mm and on a radius +/- 0.05 mm. The working station is fitted with security railing protected with photoelectric barriers on the side of detail loading. The welding cell is equipped also with a burner cleaning station and a wire end cutting station.

The biggest advantages of the robotised welding station is the function to view a welded product during working time in the 3D environment directly on a console, with an option to zoom in and out and turn a working station.

Thanks to completing the project and launching the robotised welding station, EXPOM S.A. will be capable of extending its offer of produced structures and meet the growing quality expectations of its clients.