First Polish offshore wind farm to be commissioned in 2024 -
First Polish offshore wind farm to be commissioned in 2024
Date of publication: 10.11.2017

It is anticipated that in 2024 the first Polish offshore wind farm will be put into operation - said Arkadiusz Sekściński, PGE vice president, at the Offshore 2017 Offshore Wind Turbine Conference, which ended on Thursday (09.11) in Warsaw. PGE conducts extensive research on the implementation of wind energy.

“The development of technology in recent years is very dynamic. The group of companies and possibilities for today is already wide in Poland. The companies are using this potential, so far only for export, to the markets of Denmark, Germany, especially Great Britain. But there is a chance that we can use this knowledge already here in Poland “ said Janusz Gajowiecki, president of the Polish Association of Wind Energy.

Zbigniew Gryglas, MP for the Polish Parliament, announced during the conference the creation of a special team for offshore wind energy. Experts from Polish universities and associations are to be a part of this team. Giles Hundleby, director of BVG Associates, stated that there is a dynamic increase in wind turbine productivity and a new way of installing them, including floating. Due to moderate weather conditions, storm waves and low depths Baltic is perfect place form for farm instalations.

"Polish companies can offer a Polish product, integrate the supply chain under the name of a fully equipped Polish trafoplatform for offshore lifts and are able to meet our local market needs in the best way possible," said Jakub Wnuczyński, GSG Towers.

It is worthwhile to use the experience of foreign partners in developing Polish offshore wind farms.

“We had operated in Poland since 2005, we are also quite well established in the Polish market, both in the conventional shipping sector and offshore. We want this farms to be built in Poland”, said Piotr Żeglarski from Siem Offshore Poland.

Currently, nine location permits are being maintained for projects of offshore wind farms located in the Polish exclusive economic zone. The leading developers are Polenergia, PGE and Baltic Trade and Invest. It is estimated that by 2030, it will be possible to build and start up offshore wind farms with a total capacity of up to 6 GW, which will significantly improve the country's energy security.  Thanks to investments in the offshore wind sector Polish GDP could increase by as much as 60 billion zlotys. Additionally, labor market would generate about 77,000 additional jobs.
The Offshore Conference was held for the fourth time. Its organizer was the Polish Wind Energy Association.