GAZ-SYSTEM has selected next companies to supervise construction of Baltic Pipe offshore part -
GAZ-SYSTEM has selected next companies to supervise construction of Baltic Pipe offshore part
Date of publication: 10.08.2020

More experts join Baltic Pipe offshore section construction works. The Company has concluded agreements with contractors that will provide investor supervision and environmental supervision services during construction and installation works on the seabed and at the gas pipeline landfalls in Poland and Denmark.

Investor supervision services will be provided based on the framework agreements concluded with three companies: Brunel Energy Europe BV, Nowa People AS, and Premier Technical Resources Ltd. The contracts have been signed to supervise, on behalf of GAZ-SYSTEM, the construction and installation works executed by Saipem Limited. The agreements guarantee GAZ-SYSTEM access to supervision inspectors who are highly qualified and experienced in all areas required by the Company.

The selected contractors are well-known oil&gas industry agencies. This will ensure appropriate service quality and professional supervision over Baltic Pipe offshore gas pipeline construction.

Commencement of works is planned still in this quarter, in the scope of preliminary surveys along the future gas pipeline route and supervision over construction works performed at the offshore gas pipeline landfalls in Poland and Denmark. Later on, the supervision will also be carried out successively on the vessels – according to the contractor's schedule. 

The abovementioned companies have been chosen out of seven tenderers, based on the assessment of their qualifications and experience as well as proposed prices. Their hitherto engagement in similar projects and capacity to meet the requirements were also verified.

The company that has been selected to perform environmental supervision during construction is Ramboll Danmark A/S. The contractor has so far been in charge of analytical, survey, and design engineering works necessary to obtain required permits for gas pipeline construction. Ramboll’s engagement in the Baltic Pipe project as well as experience in conducting such works in the Baltic Sea region were among the key criteria for winning the tender. 

Under the contract, Ramboll Danmark A/S will verify compliance of the construction and installation works with the administrative decisions issued. The contractor will also supervise measures aimed at minimising the investment’s environmental impact. The scope of the agreement covers the works related to design documentation as well as the works at the construction sites and in the ports that will be used by vessels involved in construction and installation operations.