Intensive season at the Nauta Repair Shipyard (photo, video) -
Intensive season at the Nauta Repair Shipyard (photo, video)
Date of publication: 17.11.2020

Despite the global crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, employees of Nauta S.A. in Gdynia operate at full capacity! Renovation works, including class renovations, are carried out simultaneously on as many as 10 units at the docks and at the wharfs at 3 Czechosłowacka Street. In addition, another 3 vesse;s are being renovated in the area at Washington Street.

One of the ships currently in Nauta is the Elka Elefsis chemical tanker owned by the Greek shipowner European Product Carriers LTD. As Konstantinos Nikiteas, superintendent engineer at European Product Carriers LTD told us: "We manage a fleet of 19 vessels. The Elka Elefsis unit, which is currently located at Nauta Remontowa Shipyard, is also our first unit that we renovate at this site. like installing a ballast water treatment system, piping, electrical and locksmith works. Our cooperation is going very well."

The overhaul of the chemical tanker also included a standard class inspection after 5 years (1st class), hull maintenance, aft seal inspection / replacement and equipment servicing.
Another unit currently located in Nauta is the Warmia bulk carrier owned by Polska Żegluga Morska.

- The ship entered the shipyard in mid-September in order to perform a class repair and installation of a ballast water treatment system. We spent 14 days of the entire renovation for dock works, during which we performed, among others, hull maintenance, inspection of bottom and side fittings, replacement of seals on the shaft line and inspection of the propeller and rudder. Currently, we are at the stage of completing the painting rights on board and starting and delivering ballast water systems - says Bartosz Pawlak, worker at Nauta shipyard.

Recently, the renovation of m / v MAZURA - a unit of Polska Żegluga Morska, twin to the m / v Warmia unit, has been completed.

Stocznia Remontowa Nauta combines many years of shipbuilding tradition with modern technologies. It belongs to plants with a very wide range of services. In addition to standard repairs, it also performs complex conversions and rebuilds. Nauta, together with universities and research centers, participates in several research and development projects aimed at developing and implementing specialized solutions for the Navy and innovative products that can be used, among others, in in environmental protection, energy and various industries - including the military industry.