Nupas Cadmatic and Zuken Innovation Day on Revolutionizing Electrical Installation in the Marine Industry -
Nupas Cadmatic and Zuken Innovation Day on Revolutionizing Electrical Installation in the Marine Industry
Date of publication: 01.06.2015

Join Nupas Cadmatic and Zuken on the 9th of June to learn more about how to overcome design issues associated with the ever increasing electrical complexity across marine and off-shore industries.

Electrically integrating devices and systems within a single vessel is a challenge you will be familiar with. At this seminar we will show you how you can save time and money with a single system for the marine industry. This is provided by Nupas Cadmatic and Zuken, offering a dedicated solution expanding your existing design capabilities with Nupas Cadmatic, to intelligently manage and design wire and cable harnesses, panels and even hydraulics onboard.

Bringing together technology leaders

Zuken has been established for nearly 40 years, and has longstanding experiencing of working with the world’s technology leaders across companies within the transportation industry. More recently technology has been developed that brings the design with Nupas Cadmatic and Zuken’s automated electrical design software E3.series, together.
The explosion of devices onboard can no longer be affectively designed using a generic CAD environment. It’s time to look beyond the capabilities of generic tools for electrical design.

What you will learn:

How to adopt a single overall detailed engineering approach
How to benefit from the ‘object’ driven integration
Same object can be represented in different types of documentation
Change an object once and benefit from automatic updates in all design files
How to improve communication with engineering databases and/or excel
The best ways to manage cables
How to operate effectively in a multi-user environment
How to generate documentation easily such as
Final design documents like formboards, bills of materials with cable lengths etc
How to integrate with mechanical engineering and work simultaneously
How to reuse documentation from other parts of your business and subcontractors in the electrical design process

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