PGE and PKN Orlen will cooperate in the construction of offshore wind farms -
PGE and PKN Orlen will cooperate in the construction of offshore wind farms
Date of publication: 05.09.2019

On Thursday, PGE and PKN Orlen signed a letter of intent at the Economic Forum in Polish Krynica regarding cooperation for the development of offshore wind farms.

The parties declared exchanging or joint acquisition of information and data necessary for the construction of offshore wind farms, coordination in fulfilling the requirements for the supply of materials and services, if such requirements are introduced by regulations, joint or coordinated activities in the design and construction of connection infrastructure and for maximizing the share of the component local.

As PKN Orlen CEO Daniel Obajtek said, "this letter has one purpose: to optimize," above all costs. Thanks to the cooperation "many costs will not be duplicated" - he explained. "This cooperation will only build both companies" - he noted.

"If both PGE and Orlen plan investing in this sector, it would be unwise if we did not cooperate" - added Obajtek.

President of PGE, Henryk Baranowski, emphasized that Polish leaders are able to share their potential in order for both companies and the country to develop as quickly as possible. "PGE is in a period of transformation, we are able and want to cooperate and use the potential of all partners" - he added.

The deputy energy minister Krzysztof Kubów, present at the signing, assessed that Poland is in line with the global investment trend and reminded that about 10 GW from offshore farms are included in the draft energy policy until 2040.

"It is a huge challenge, but also a well thought-out strategy designed by two leaders of the Polish economy. I would expect some intensification of work around maximizing the participation of Polish companies in the offshore project. It is basically launching of a new sector and a chance for cheaper energy, "said Kubów.

Deputy Minister of Energy Adam Gawęda assessed that the agreement "perfectly fits into the process of transformation of the energy sector", and offshore is "a perfect complement to conventional energy".

PKN Orlen plans to build wind farms in the Baltic Sea with a capacity of approx. 1 GW, while PGE intends to have up to 3.5 GW in the Baltic offshore by 2030.