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RMDC 3324 Car-passenger ferry with hybrid propulsion system
Date of publication: 20.12.2015

Polish design office REMONTOWA Marine Design & Consulting, having extensive experience in designing of passenger ships have prepared innovative project of double-ended car-passenger ferry with hybrid propulsion system, designated to service short routes. The design provides high transport capacities. Environmentally friendly ferry meets trends and the highest demands of the market.

Main technical data of the ship:
Length = 109,4 m
Breadth = 17,0 m
Design Draft = 3,4 m
No of Passengers = 300
Capacities = 116 private cars or
13 trailers + 43 private cars
Speed = 11 knots

Comfortable passenger areas providing high travel comfort have been adapted to transport also disabled persons. Both ends of the ship are equipped with ramps enabling very efficient loading and unloading of cars carried on the main deck.

The hybrid propulsion system combines 2x400 kW diesel gensets with 2 electric battery power systems with capacity of 500 kWh each. The diesel gensets are made in a version to run on biodiesel as well.

The machinery system is a hybrid full electric system designed for 100% operation by battery power. In normal operation the batteries are charged from shore at the ferry terminals during loading/unloading operation. Two auxiliary generators are provided for back-up charging of the batteries.

Ferry is driven by two 480 kW azimuth thrusters with built-in canister, located at both ends of the ship. This enables precise maneuvering the vessel in small harbors in different weather conditions.