Galship Marek Gałka

Hryniewickiego 1
70-606 Szczecin
48 504 722 224
steel construction
steel repair
locksmith jobs
diesel engine overhaul
main engine
auxiliary engine
hydraulic works
pipe works
hydraulic connections
electronic works
repair of electric motors
Provision supply
Laundry service
Fire-fighting equipment
Life raft
VHF STATION steel construction
steel repair
locksmith jobs
Voyage repairs
steel ropes
pad eye
lashing and cargo belts etc
underwater works
shell underwater inspection
underwater repairs
GALSHIP with the registered seat in Szczecin is a Polish Company engaged in repairs and overhauls of watercrafts as well as in the technological supplies to ships.

GALSHIP has been established at the end of 2009, however its founder and employees have the more than ten years’ experience in the repair and ship industry. Priority of our Company is to provide as high as possible quality of the services rendered, safety and environment protection. We have the highly skilled and experienced personnel to work both onboard and onshore.
Motivated teams ready for action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. – Our service offer below:

1.All kinds of steel construction and steel repair, locksmith jobs, Voyage repairs
2.Diesel engine overhaul, main engine, auxiliary engine, turbochargers, pumps etc.
3.All kind of hydraulic Works, pipe works, valves, hydraulic connections
4.Electric and electronic works, repair of electric motors,
5.Bridge equipment repairs (RADARS, VHF STATION, ETC)
6.Underwater works, shell underwater inspection, underwater repairs
7.Life-boat and rescue boat inspection and servicing
8.Fire-fighting equipment servicing
9.Life raft - inspection and servicing
10.Supply of lashing materials: steel ropes, pad eye, lashing and cargo belts etc
11.Supply of technical store: tools, steel products, filters, chemicals, electro tools, spare parts
12.Provision supply
13.Laundry service for ships
Galship Marek Gałka
NIP 955 192 18 70

Service Office
Ul. Hryniewickiego 1
70-606 Szczecin

tel. +48 504 722 224
tel. +48 504 722 341
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