Swojska 8
80-958 Gdańsk
+48 58 309 61 41
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Our company Paint-Investrem residing in Gdansk specializes in paintworks, blasting, carpentery endowment and isolation works in shipyard industry.

As a firm formed on the equipment division of Northern Shipyard having 60 years of shipbuilding tradition we dispose a qualified staff and experienced supervision. We manage mainly sea industry like newly built units by Northern Shipyard or Gdańsk Shipyard and ship repairs in Remontowa Shipyard.

Our company owns adequate tools and enginery to realize even the most complicated orders. We succesfuly fulfill quality and term stipulations of every customer in painting craft as in carpentery and isolations.

We co-operate with reputable paint makers like: Jotun, International, Hempel, Sigma, Star-Carboline, Ameron and all of our paintworks are made under their supervision.

Paint-Investrem is an experienced producer of anticorrosion and endowment works in marine industry, offshore and also onshore industry. We are able to fulfill even the highest technical and quality requirements posted by the leading producers of anticorrosion paints as well as the surveyors.
Our offer include two kinds of services: anticorrosion and endowment:

- we manage services on newly built and repaire vessels;

- we dispose with a technical equipment used in tankcoating, this includes sandblasters, DH machines, vaccum machines, industry dusters, high pressure hydrodynamic pumps and survey devices;

- we apply every types of paint, also solvent free paints, epoxy mastics, zinc silicate, topcoats and decorative paints, antifouling coats and anti-slide coats;

- we manage a complex spray metalisation and dustless flat surface cleaning.
services on newly built
repaire vessels
technical equipment used in tankcoating
DH machines
vaccum machines
industry dusters
high pressure hydrodynamic pumps
survey devices
apply every types of paint
also solvent free paints
epoxy mastics
zinc silicate
topcoats and decorative paints
antifouling coats and anti-slide coats
complex spray metalisation
dustless flat surface cleaning
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