PIROMETAL Sp. z o.o.

Comprehensive repairs of a marine boilers
Sztutowska 18
80-711 Gdańsk
58 307 35 93
58 304 70 29
The Pirometal Ltd. was established in 2003. The Company employs highly skilled staff with long-term manufacturing and constructing experience in the field of building and repairing a marine boilers. We specialized in comprehensive repairs of a marine boilers allover the world.
Building a new marine boilers,
Repairing and servicing marine boilers,
Manufacturing a spare parts for marine boilers,
Exploitation parts for marine boilers.

In case of report a breakdown of marine boiler, we offer:

prepare expertise concerning boiler technical condition- we send our experts in any part of the world in order to propose our customers possible ways of repair and detailed cost-term calculations
prepare and approve in a given Qualifying Society boiler repair manual
purchase any indispensable metallurgical materials and obtain for them any required certificates in appropriate laboratories
carry out all prefabricated works in our company workshop under surveillance of the Qualifying Society
send on the vessel all indispensable parts required for boiler repair
carry out repairs and assembly-welding works by our highly skilled staff. Our workers carry all approved licenses.
In order to satisfy our customers requirements, we specialized in carrying out all the repairs during the ship cruise, wherever it is possible. It allows our customers to avoid any other costs, caused by the ship stoppage.
Adres: ul. Sztutowska 18
80-711 Gdańsk

Tel: +48 58 307 35 93
Fax: +48 58 304 70 29
Mob: +48 609 440 898

E-mail: office@pirometal.com.pl
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