POM Sztum Sp. z o.o.

Processing Of Metal
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82-400 Sztum
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POM Sztum Sp.z.o.o. is a polish company that specializes in manufacturing and processing the components made of black, stainless steel and aluminum. We make steel constructions based on attached drawings and technical documentation given to us by the customers.

Our company was founded in 1991 and since then we are building our position on the market based on the high quality of our services. Due to this attitude, we have gained trust of our customers both from Poland and abroad. The modern equipment for metal processing, milling and turning help us to prepare the products of the perfect repeatability and excellent surface roughness, that are highly rated by the UE contractors. We cooperate with the companies from Germany, Denmark, Belgium, France, Norway and Great Britain. We fulfil the orders of the shipbuilding, construction and mechanical industries.

Our motto is: the highest quality of the products and services.

Being aware of the fact that metalworking requires unique precision, we have modern machinery and we employ highly qualified workers. In order to maintain the best quality of our products, we are systematically improving the process of production management and we train our employers.

Thanks to our reputation, we had an opportunity to cooperate with Thyseen Krupp Encoke on the Schwelgern coke plant project. Within 6 months we built the construction of 500 tons of steel with a total employment of 20 people.

Our Pomeranian company collaborates with a hot dip galvanizing plant. We also provide sandblasting services and we collaborate with a specialized paint shop (ordinary and powder painting). We want to make it easy and convenient for the customers to pay for our services, so we offer them individual payment systems, depending on the type and size of an order.

If you are looking for a trustworthy company that specializes in steel welding and metal processing, don't hesitate to contact our sales department or visit our main office in Sztum. We are open for cooperation with customers from Poland and abroad.
Our offer:
Fixing and positioning of containers

We produce components needed for lashing and positioning of containers and semi-trailers:
-nests, cones, sledges for containers lashing
-supports for semi-trailers lashing

We guarantee high quality of the components. In a process of production we use only high-quality materials from renowned producers at the best price.

Steel constructions
We have mechanical and manual equipment that allow us to produce steel constructions prepared on the base of the documentation given to us at the beginning of the process. In our machinery you can find:
-universal milling machines
-hydraulic press
-bench drills, jig boring machines
-threading machines
-welders (MAG and TAG methods)
-sheet burner (5-120 mm)
-slotting machine
-tape cutter machine (profiles: width 500 mm, pipes diameter: 355 mm)
-painting aggregate

CNC Metal processing and steel welding
Our company offers services of mechanical steel processing on CNC machines. Our equipment helps us in processes of milling, drilling, threading and turning of CNC. We care about the reputation of our company, and we want to ensure our customers that we fulfill our duties responsibly. For this reason all of the components produced in our company are subjected to numerous quality tests before delivering to the customer.

Metal processing and welding

The company provides the following types of services

-machinery works
-milling works
-threading works
-drilling works
-burning works
-chiselling works
-welding works
-retail sale of metallurgical products
-accounting services
machinery works
milling works
threading works
drilling works
burning works
chiselling works
welding works
retail sale of metallurgical products
accounting services
steel constructions
universal milling machines
hydraulic press
bench drills
jig boring machines
threading machines
welders (MAG and TAG methods)
sheet burner (5-120 mm)
slotting machine
tape cutter machine (profiles: width 500 mm
pipes diameter: 355 mm)
painting aggregate
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