PPG Coatings Poland Sp. z o.o.

ul. Gołębia 11
81-185 Gdynia
+48 (58) 621 65 90
+48 (58) 621 65 90
PPG Marine Coatings concentrates on the development of high quality products that solve problems for customers and/or provide distinctive benefits. We have a global operation covering all continents in 70 countries and our products and systems are supported by the best customer service standards in the business.
Sigma Coatings and Amercoat are now part of PPG Protective and Marine. Our Marine Coatings segment focuses on the development, manufacture and marketing of paint and coatings to meet a wide range of marine requirements.
Consequently, we have launched coatings that allow for extended laid-up periods, meet latest IMO PSPC regulations for water ballast tanks, and reduce the cost of onboard maintenance.

In addition we have coatings solutions that reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions as a result of improved hydrodynamics of the ship’s hull.
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