The construction of the polar passenger ship with X-BOW began at the CRIST shipyard -
The construction of the polar passenger ship with X-BOW began at the CRIST shipyard
Date of publication: 07.01.2018

The first steel cutting for the partially equipped, multi-functional, polar passenger ship with an innovative X-BOW hull for the Norwegian shipowner was carried out in the Shipyard Crist S.A.

Trips to the arctic field have never been so exciting. In the shipyard CRIST S.A. one of the most innovative passenger ships in the world will be built - NB 312. 125 metres long and the 20 meters wide – this ship will be able to sail in difficult polar conditions, while taking on board 100 passengers in luxurious conditions.

 - We are glad that we will take part in the construction of such an innovative vessel as NB 312. This is another project from the constantly developing passenger craft market to be created at the CRIST shipyard – said Tomasz Wrzask, PR & Marketing Manager in CRIST S.A.

Importantly, the unit will be equipped with a hull from the X-BOW line known from many units intended for the offshore industry. The use of this solution in the passenger ship will reduce the impact of waves on the hull, which will increase the comfort of travel and will lead to a significant reduction in noise and vibration. The shape of X-BOW is also intended to minimize the risk of splashing and help avoiding the danger of slippery decks. Sailing in polar conditions will also be facilitated. The ship will be able to operate faster and more efficiently in unfavorable conditions at sea, with less time spent traveling through the most dangerous areas. Thanks to the patented X-BOW hull, the unit will have a much smaller impact on the environment, while reducing daily operating costs.

Partly equipped vessel is being built at the CRIST S.A. shipyard and the final finishing works will be carried out at the Ulstein Norwegian shipyard.
The ship is built for the Lindblad Expeditions. Linblad Expeditions is a company engaged in the organization of cruises in the Arctic regions. It also promotes activities aimed at protecting the natural environment. The company closely cooperates with National Geographic.

The CRIST is currently one of the largest Polish shipyards. During the twenty-seven-year activity, CRIST has achieved the position of one of the leading manufacturers of specialized shipbuilding equipment in the segments of hydrotechnical devices and vessels for the largest global recipients. The quality of services and the production potential of CRIST is increasingly recognized by shipowners, which is evidenced by the successive contracts that fill the order book by the end of 2018. The shipyard concentrates its development around the construction of specialized ships and structures for the maritime industry.