The Giant is slowly approaching Gdańsk (photo) -
The Giant is slowly approaching Gdańsk (photo)
Date of publication: 23.09.2019

The newly purchased LOTOS Petrobaltic platform - GIANT - has already traveled over a third of the way to Gdańsk, where it is scheduled to arrive this weekend. There it will be prepared to go out to sea for drilling in the Baltic deposit B3. The unit departed from the port of Esbjerg in western Denmark on September 20 at 7.20.

The GIANT LOTOS Petrobaltic platform was purchased from MAERSK in June this year. This is the fifth and largest of all units belonging to this Polish company. Built in 1986 in Japan, the platform was fully modernized in 2012. Previously, a platform owned by a Danish shipowner based in Copenhagen operated in the North Sea.

The platform was prepared by the Polish crew for towing operations in the Danish port of Esbjerg. Today (September 23) in the morning the unit has already traveled over 230 Nm from about 680 Nm of planned route to Gdańsk. The average towing speed is about 4.7 knots. It must take place in appropriate weather conditions, on which the whole operation depends. Nevertheless, the platform is expected in Gdansk this weekend.

Before the platform is towed away to the B3 field in the Baltic Sea, it must be properly marked and adapted to the needs of work in the Baltic Sea. Adaptation work required for class renewal and crew training will be carried out at Naftoport. Then the unit will be towed to the B3 field, where it will begin the reconstruction work of 7 wells (B3-5, B3-6, B3-8, B3-9, B3-13, B3-14, B3-15).

Basic data:

    Length: 84.00 m
    Width: 90.0 m
    Legs length: 160 m
    Buoyancy: 24.284.6 tons
    Maximum water depth: 350 ft / 107 m
    Maximum wave height: 27.0 m
    Average wind speed: 43.5 m / sec
    Maximum current: 1.15 m / sec
    Air gap: 21.2 m
    The platform can drill to a depth of 25,000 feet (7,620 m).

 LOTOS Petrobaltic and its subsidiaries are focused on operational and service activities in the Baltic area, i.e. exploitation of the B3 field, development of the B8 field to launch full production, implementation of exploration projects in the Baltic Sea and land concessions in Poland. At the same time, the company develops its engineering, executive and design competences for the offshore sector, ultimately with the possibility of providing services outside Grupa LOTOS S.A.