The time has come for cranes at Expom S.A. -
The time has come for cranes at Expom S.A.
Date of publication: 17.06.2015

Expom, the leader in production of davits according to DNV qualification association, now goes for the production of marine cranes. Another two Knuckleboom cranes, in which advanced anti-corrosion solutions were applied, left the company\'s factory.

Over the last year in Expom S.A., the company located near Gdańsk, specializing in the production of large-dimension steel structures, manufactured 10 telescopic, straight or knuckleboom cranes at the order of customers from Scandinavia. Four more machines are being manufactured.

The first machine – large-dimension, telescopic crane HSC 700, was the most demanding one. The unit with the weight of 55 t, height of 40 m and lifting capacity of 18 t. This crane operates in distant Dubai.

Knuckleboom cranes are characterized by special protections against corrosion and excessive load as well as by advanced anti-corrosion solutions. The units are also equipped with remote control system and a number of devices boosting operation comfort. They have power hydraulics and electrical systems as well as electronic systems. This enables their efficient functioning even in extreme conditions. Each product leaves Expom having been subject to in-depth tests and certification under the eye of international units (such as DNV or ABS).

The Company specializes in prototype production therefore each successive crane is produced with substantial participation of technological and structural office. Completed cranes are each time subject to static and dynamic load tests, which allows to anticipate and immediately solve possible problems connected e.g. with noise or vibrations. Cranes manufactured at Kurzętnik, near Gdańsk, are sold to Scandinavian countries, the USA or the United Arab Emirates.