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GBT - rekordowy statek w Gdańskim Terminalu Masowym

GBT Limited Liability Company is a result of a joint venture between Malteurop Polska and Copenhagen Merchants. The Malteurop Group is one of the world’s leading malt producer, with a current annual production capacity of more than 2,200,000 tons. The Company is present in 14 countries in Europe, North America, Oceania and Asia, with 27 industrial sites. Copenhagen Merchants is a leading international grain broker, focused mainly on grain originated from Nordic countries, Germany and the Baltic Sea. CM terminals are located in Denmark, Poland and Latvia with a total storage capacity of 500 thousand tons of grain.

The Gdansk Bulk Terminal is located on the Bytomskie Quay in the Port of Gdansk. The construction of the Terminal was completed end 2012 and the first vessel was loaded in January 2013. GBT is made up of modern, fully automated silos and flat storages with a total capacity of 55,000 tons, which allows a multi-bulk handling in import and export relations. In addition, the Terminal is equipped with a comprehensive technology of grain-drying and a pre-cleaning.

The Terminal has a modern and fully equipped laboratory, which allows quick and accurate analyzes on customer requests. Additional services also include a shipping agency, fully integrated with the activity of the Terminal.
GBT offers You a full range of port handling service for grains, oilmeals and other dry bulk products.

The storage capacity:
• flat-store warehouse divided into 3 sections with total capacity: 19.000 mt
• 10 silos: 36.000 mt
• dryer 50 mt/h
• fully equiped laboratory

Vessel handling rates:
• loading rate: 450 mt/h
• discharging rate: 200 mt/h

• 3 separate intake pits with a rate of 3×150 mt/h
• truck loading 150 mt/h
• container loading 100 mt/h

• a fully automated unloading / loading system for wagons with a rate of 100 mt/h

GBT berth:
• max draft: 7,8 m
• max LOA: 190 m
• max beam: 19 m
• max vessel DWT: 15.000
Our Goals - Responsibility, Flexibility And Efficiency

The Gdansk Bulk Terminal is qualified at handling bulk agricultural commodities, mainly grains and meals. The terminal’s quay handles vessels of up to 15.000 DWT.

Meeting the growing expectations of its customers, GBT began recently the loading of containers with bulk material.

In 2013 the Gdansk Bulk Terminal has been accredited by DEKRA Certification GmbH to comply with the GMP+ B3 (2007) standard.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!
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