STAL COMPLEX Dariusz Tiszer -

STAL COMPLEX Dariusz Tiszer

Hutnicza 34
81-061 Gdynia

The works of Hull
- welding, assembling, fitting, steel structures – certified welders
- plumbing work – all hydraulic systems, hydraulic pumps, valves, connectors
- hydraulic systems to 340bar + washing systems
- electrical works, electronics and industrial automation
- the supply of parts and technical articles (filters, tools, power tools, ropes)
- the construction of ships, boats, catamarans
- building ramps, decks, bulkheads, stem with reinforcements
- steel and aluminum structures
- repairs of vessels in the hull and locksmith
- construction of ship sections and blocks
- work bench – fitting on ships
- special-purpose containers, production and modification

- replacement of cables, motors, hydraulic motors
- operation of all hydraulic equipment, RO-RO equipment
- support for hydro-electric automation
- sealing of hydraulic systems + washing of systems

Stainless Steel
- wastewater treatment plants
- railings
- stairs
- tanks

Stal Complex-construction of steel and aluminum. Ship repairs.