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Steel constructions
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The company Stalkon Ltd. seated in Police was established in June 1988. Stalkon offers the production and assembly of heavy and large-dimension steel constructions acc. to individual design. Among produced structures, we can distinguish the following:

• harbour machinery – shiploaders and shipunloaders, bar and frame overhead cranes, container cranes, dividers and transporters, stacker/reclaimers,
• off-shore constructions,
• tanks, bunkers, silos, pipelines, technological installations of waste gas treatment
systems for power stations and cement plants, filters and ducts of exhaust gases and
air, stacks,
• gangways, bridges and overpasses,
• shipping constructions (vessel sections and equipment), ferry ramps,
• architectural structures.

The constructions produced in our company are extremely specific, distinguished by great complexity both in terms of technological manufacture and precision of measurement. Te constructions are made according to individual customer requirements, mainly on behalf of the investment market. Export accounts for nearly 100% of Stalkon production. Te company has conquered a stable position and earned high reputation on numerous foreign markets. For many years onwards, we have cooperated on a regular basis with significant companies and consortia operating in industrial construction in many countries, such as: Germany, Norway, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and France.

The realization process involves all stages of steel structures manufacture: purchase of materials, technological preparation, workshop prefabrication, assembly and welding, machining, anti-corrosive protection, final assembly, loading and transport.

The production takes place in the Production Plant in Police, distant 2km from the owned assembly area (area 23 700m2) with the direct access to the loading quay in Harbour Police.

Stalkon\'s high-quality production is confirmed by various certificates and authorizations: ISO 9001:2008 (DNV), DIN 18800 part 7 DIN 15018 (SLV), DIN EN ISO 3834-2 (SLV). We have many welding procedures approved according ISO 15614-1, NORSOK M-101 and DNV-OS-C401, such as: for method 135, 136, 121 for steel S355, S460 and stainless steel, with thickness ranges from 3mm to 160mm. The company is also OHSAS 18001:2007 (DNV) registered.

At present the company provides employment to over 250 workers.

Our long experience, well qualified staff, specialized technical production equipment and the received certificates and authorisations let us claim, that we can face commissioned production and that we can assure our customers, that they will receive fixed, high quality products, in time and with a competitive price.


1. Welding and assembly of heavy and large size steel constructions
2. Carbon steels, higher-strength steels,
3. Alloy stainless steel,
4. Aluminum, copper and alloys
5. Gas shielded welding
6. Welding with coated electrodes
7. Submerged arc welding.

1. Final assembly of steel constructions into complete machine in assembly department
of Stalkon in Police Harbor,
2. Erection of complete electrical, hydraulic, lubrication, pneumatic and water supply
installations on mounted construction,
3. Active participation in pre-commissioning tests,
4. Loading of complete machines directly from assembly quay onto a ship/ barge.

1. machining of the surfaces and holes by using the portable machines Climax (directly
on the construction) and stationary machines,
2. machining of the holes with diameter from 35 to 915mm,
3. milling of the surfaces - hydraulic milling machine with 3050 mm of X-axis travel and
610 mm of Y-axis travel and 200 mm of Z-axis travel,
4. drilling and turning

1. blasting in the blasting cabin with dimensions: length: 30m /height: 8m /width: 8m,
manual application of the metal abradant,
2. possible surface quality to be obtained after blasting - SA 2,5 to SA 3 and
roughness of up to 65mikrometer,
3. painting in the coating cabin with dimensions: length: 30m /height: 8m /width: 8m,
spraying method,
4. stable temperature level during coating - coating in temperature of 20-30°C,
5. significantly shortened time of drying of layers - desiccation in temperature of up to
6. lack of dust and ability to catch paint particles - 95% effectiveness of air ventilation,
7. the possibility of simultaneous work in two zones,