Stan Shipping Agency Ltd.

ul.Damroki 1b/10
80-177 Gdańsk

Crew manning

As a crewing agent we provide comprehensive service suited to our clients’ special needs. Stan Shipping is also able to act as a Crew, Technical or full Ship’s Management. We specialize in crewing for offshore and tanker vessels

Industrial workers

As the contemporary industrial sector requires a high quality workforce, we recognize the importance of recruitment services and of the ability to provide staff at every level from basic physical through semi-skilled to highly skilled workers

Ship’s agency

From our offices in Gdańsk and Szczecin, we provide 24 hour, 7 day a week first class agency services for vessels calling at all major Polish ports and shipyards. Our professional services are aimed at ship owners, charterers and cargo owners. We can also arrange warehouses, facilities for repairs, bunkering, etc.

Trade tests and courses

We have access to modern workshops and lecture halls fitted with audio and video equipment. We can organise various kinds of training tailored to customer needs, for example courses in English (all levels), in isometric drawings etc.