SYLKON Technik Sp. z o.o.

Adm. J. Unruga 111
81-153 Gdynia

Our Company offers the following services:

•Repairs of shipping appliances with hydraulic propulsion: cranes, hosting winches, steering engines, hatch coversa

•Repairs and inspections of boiler, bottom, ballast and cargo valves as well as PV valves

•Repairs of engine hydraulics: pumps, engines, hydraulic cylinders, valves as well as assembly, rinsing and pressure tests of pipelines

•Piping works: manufacturing, assembling and exchanging all types of pipelines and various types of installations

•Fitting - welding works: performance of typical fitting works, welding by the following methods: TIG/141, MIG/131, 111 coated electrode, 311 gas welding

•Repairs of heat exchangers including boilers, air coolers, water/air coolers, fuel steam heaters, steam condensers

•We provide our services in all the world for Client\'s special request

•Recruitment: recruit, selection, checking and prepare documents and support worker in your