TDARTOS Dariusz Nowak- echnical Ship Support -

TDARTOS Dariusz Nowak- echnical Ship Support

Bałtycka 22N
70-880 Szczecin

The preparation, carrying out and commissioning inspections and repairing of ship systems

Employing and supervising subcontractors to carry out inspections and repairs conducted on ships.

Validity check of carrying them out.

Monitoring the technical condition of ships and the exploitation availability.

Organising and conducting the inspection of systems of ships as well as monitoring the realization of requirements of safety management systems.

Diagnostics of ship’s engines performance with the power between 500 – 100000 kW with DOCTOR system.

Adjustment of angles of injection, fuel charge and timing of ship’s engines based on data get from diagnostics with DOCTOR system.

Measurement of deflection and calculating bending of the engine crankshaft.