Techno-Nauta Sp. z.o.o. -

Techno-Nauta Sp. z.o.o.

Czechosłowacka 3
81-336 Gdynia

We are performing complex metalworking at the headquarters of our company in the following range:

- turning ( small overall dimensions and big overall dimensions: diameter up to 1600 mm, length up to 15 m; weight up to 18 tons)
- boring (max 2000 x 2000 mm)
- milling and slotting (gears and worm wheels up to f 2000 mm)
- grinding (faces, grooves and bores)

We provide our clients with technological and constructions consulting in the range of materials processing, machining parameters and thermal machining. Our services include preparing technical drawing of details based on supplied design and construction documents, following our customer’s requirements.

Our offer covers machining by means of portable machining tools, at the Client’s site, avoiding the disassembly of large equipment or parts, in the following range:

- turning (shaft journals, rings etc. diameter up to 400 mm, length up to 250 mm)
- boring (bearing seats, sleeves etc diameter up to 400 mm, length up to 600 mm (one seat))
- milling (shaft spline ways diameter up to 500 mm)
- grinding (faces, grooves and bores)

We perform our services with our material or Client’s material.
We carry out the heat treatment of the machined details.
We offer metal working services (welded steel and aluminum constructions) including machining.

We guarantee high quality of our services certified by: Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Germanischer Lloyds, Det Norske Veritas, ABS etc.

The Company follows the international quality standards and has been awarded by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance with the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001-2000.