Technozbyt-Witan Sp.j. -

Technozbyt-Witan Sp.j.

Marynarki Polskiej 82/84
80-557 Gdańsk

We are one stop wholesale company specialized in technical marine and industrial equipment
Hatch cover tapes #100mm x 20mtr / #150mm x 20mtr
Sponge rubber profiles/packings (from 8x8 to 120x80)
Gasket joint sheets (water , oil, steam , exhaust) 1500mm x 1000mm/1500mm x 1500mm
Mooring ropes 220mtrs double eyed , manila, polypropylene , nylon, polyamide
Hoses (tank cleaning , steam, oil, water, air , flexible , PVC)
Rubber sheets/matting (Dielectric, Oil resistant, corrugated, sponge, EPDM)
Packings (ptfe, aramide, graphite, fiber glass)
Loctite (222, 243, 270, 401, 406, 480, 495 , 620, 638, 7063 and many other)
Tapes (anti-corrosion , insulation, masking, duct, double side, fasteners, masking, solas reflective, anti slip, antispray , glass, aluminum - and many other…)
Brake Lining (all sizes)
Canvas tarpaulins, polypropylene tarpaulins