The Lakeway Link is preparing for voyages from Gdynia. It has a new ship -
The Lakeway Link is preparing for voyages from Gdynia. It has a new ship
Date of publication: 07.02.2024

The Lakeway Link, which last year announced the launch of a connection between Poland and Sweden, has acquired a RoRo ship to operate on this route.

In May of last year, we reported that the international logistics and transport companies Wallenius and Greencarrier had established a new shipping company called Lakeway Link, with the aim of connecting Poland and the Swedish ports of Södertälje and Västerås on Lake Mälaren. It was announced then that the goal was to start operations by the end of 2023. In an official statement, the company claimed that it plans to call at both Gdańsk and Gdynia, and that the services will be operated by ships of an entirely new standard called Mälarmax, designed and built to navigate the shallow waters of Lake Mälaren, where Stockholm is located.

Today, new information has emerged regarding Lakeway Link. The company confirmed the purchase of the RoRo vessel Miramar Express to launch the aforementioned connection. Eventually, it will be renamed Lakeway Express. Currently, the ship is still operating in the colors of its previous owner and sails between the Spanish port of Algeciras and the Moroccan port of Tanger Med. It is unknown when it will arrive in the Baltic Sea, but Lakeway Link has announced plans to start regular connections between Gdynia and Södertälje in April. Initially, there will be three weekly voyages. After the renovation of the Södertälje locks, expected by 2026, the company intends to introduce another connection to Västerås.

Fot. Lakeway Link

The future Lakeway Express is a vessel built in 1999 with a length of 153.38 meters, a gross tonnage of 10,471 tons, and a cargo lane length of 1624 meters, allowing for approximately 110 trailers to be accommodated. Interestingly, Lakeway Link does not anticipate transporting either trucks or passengers, including drivers. The solution entails loading only trailers and heavy and oversized cargo onto the ship. Drivers will deliver the trailers to the quay, from where they will be loaded onto the ship. Upon arrival at the destination port, they will be unloaded and handed over to another carrier for further transport.

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