The new ferry for Polferries with the chosen name -
The new ferry for Polferries with the chosen name
Date of publication: 11.01.2024

The new ferry, named Varsovia, will join the Polferries fleet in the middle of the current year. The vessel will align with the naming style of ships operated by this carrier on the Świnoujście-Ystad route. It will serve as a complement to the Mazovia ferry, which directly references the central region of Poland. Construction of the Varsovia is progressing according to schedule.

Currently, the finishing touches are being applied to the passenger and crew spaces. Floors and ceiling panels are being installed, and sanitary facilities are being equipped. Lighting tests are underway, and kitchen equipment and refrigeration units are being installed for food storage. Passenger areas are being furnished with sofas, tables, and chairs. Final work is being carried out on outfitting and wiring the ship with CCTV cameras, TV systems, LAN networks, and internet connections. Each trip will accommodate up to 920 passengers and 60 crew members.

Car decks are receiving final coats of paint, and anti-slip surfaces have been laid on ramps and approaches. Passengers will have access to three decks for heavy trucks with nearly a 3-kilometer loading line, accommodating around 140 trucks with trailers, as well as two separate decks for approximately 200 passenger cars. Direct access to passenger areas will be available from car deck number 5. These solutions ensure the safety and comfort of passengers traveling with Polferries.

Navigation equipment installation is underway on the bridge. All planned components have been installed in the engine room, and the main engines have been converted to LNG mechanically. Wiring for electrical and automation systems is being installed.

In January, machinery tests will commence at the dock, and by the end of the first quarter, the ship will undergo its first sea trials. Subsequently, the vessel will be docked in Trieste for painting and final work. By May at the latest, the second sea trials will take place, and Varsovia will join the Polferries fleet on the Świnoujście-Ystad route between June and July.

Polferries is a Polish ferry operator, providing transportation services since 1976. The fleet consists of five ferries, connecting Poland with Scandinavia daily on the Gdańsk-Nynäshamn and Świnoujście-Ystad routes. Each year, Polferries' ferries transport hundreds of thousands of passengers. The company offers passenger transportation, as well as the transportation of heavy and light vehicles, organizes conferences and corporate events at sea, and provides tourist cruise packages.

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