Śląska 17
81-319 Gdynia

As a general distributor in Poland since the 90s, we have been offering and providing TEEKAY pipe couplings from the English company Taylor Kerr Couplings Ltd. TEEKAY pipe couplings allow easy and quick installation, offer reliability, compensation, the ability to damp vibrations and water hammering, and have many other advantages. TEEKAY couplings are approved for use in drinking water installations. To provide customers with very quick deliveries we maintain a warehouse in Gdynia, covering the most popular types and sizes of TEEKAY couplings.

We have been offering and supplying environmentally friendly bearing products from the Canadian company THORDON Bearings Inc. for nearly 25 years, known for their high quality and reliability in oil and grease eliminating applications; shaft and rudder lines for the marine industry, water turbines, pumps, offshore and other land applications. THORDON products show high abrasion resistance, low friction coefficient and are easy in machining and assembly.

Foundation of marine machinery and equipment on epoxy resin washers - plastic
- CHOCKFAST developed and manufactured by ITW Philadelphia Resins Inc., USA / Ireland
- EPY developed and manufactured by Marine Service Jaroszewicz, Poland
- EPOCAST developed and produced by H.A. Springer, Germany
Our reference list covers grouting of chocking marine main propulsion and auxiliary machinery, Sterntube & Strut Bearings, Pintle & Rudder Bearings, Pedestal Bearings, Steering Gears, Stern Winches, Bow Thrusters and Anchor Windlasses on hundreds of newbuild vessels.

To meet customers urgent needs, we maintain most popular sizes of TEEKAY couplings and THORDON bearings on our stock.            
TEEKAY couplings, THORDON bearings and grouting materials and methods have earned the approval of the major classification societies worldwide.