Vasco Sp. z o.o. -

Vasco Sp. z o.o.

Krzywoustego 4
81-035 Gdynia

Mechanical Services:
* Installation and commissioning of main propulsion and auxiliary engines
* Repairs of medium and low speed marine diesel engines
* Replacement of crankshafts
* Maintenance of heat exchangers
* Alignment and chocking
* Testing and maintenance of fuel injection pumps
* Testing and maintenance of fuel injection valves
* Repairs of speed governors
* Repairs of auxiliary equipment (cargo and service pumps, purifiers, heat exchangers, etc.)

Technical Expertise:
* Consultancy
* Project Management
* On-site Supervision
* Pre-docking inspections
* Preparation of repair specifications
* Tender Support

Berthing capability for ships under repair:
* Berth lenght - 140m
* Shore power supply - 3x400V / 50Hz max. 250A
* Crane - up to 330t
* Superintendents' office with internet access

Inspections of Lifting Appliances:
* Verification of structure and fittings
* Load testing
* Maintenance and repairs

Electrical Services (low voltage):
* Fabrication, installation and commissioning of main, auxiliary and emergency switchboards
* Maintenance of generators and electro-motors
* Repairs of power distribution networks and control systems
* Troubleshooting on automation systems

Spare Parts Supply:
* Sourcing of spare parts
* Warehousing
* Handling of spare parts, freight and custom formalities

Maitenance Agreements:
Following the needs of the market VASCO provides Engine Maintenance Agreement (EMA). Entering such agreement, we take responsibility for keepeng the maintenance program for engines in line with Makers recommendations and Classification Society requirements. EMA can be extended to maintenance of auxuliary equipment and spare parts supply.