Waryński Famabud Sp. z o.o.

Cukrowa 12
71-004 Szczecin

As a manufacturer of a wide range of steel constructions we have not only great experience but also highly qualified personel, mordern equipment, and an excellent localization (10km from the Port Szczecin and A-11 motorway).

We provide steel structures for:

- construction tower cranes

- ship cranes

- cranes for offshore drilling rigs

- pipe handling equipment for offshore drilling rigs

- subsea equipment and offshore drilling rigs

- harbour, railway and car cranes

- cranes for industrial fascilities

- complicated foundations, supports, girders, spatial structures for roads, bridges and
hydrotechnical engineering

- various steel structures according to customers needs

- ship equipment

- wide range of winches up to 250TM

- railway bogies frames

- we are able to equipe our structures with hydraulic and electrical installations in our
clean assembly area.

Our production is being carried out under strict regulations according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified by BUREAU VERITAS cert. no. PL10000129/P
Warynski Famabud has the following certificates for welding of structural steel of normal and increased strength; thickness from 3 to 100mm:

- GSI SLV Berlin, acc. to DIN 18800-7 and DIN 15 018: methods 111, 135, 136

- GL: methods 111, 135

- DNV welding procedure acceptance, acc. to EN288-3, for method 136

- DNV welding procedure acceptance, acc. to PN-EN-ISO 15614-1, for method 135

- Bureau Veritas welding procedure acceptance, acc. to EN288-3:1992, for method 135.