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YSM and Partners

Mooring Ropes | Chains | Dunnage Bags
Leona Heyki 2/32
70-631 Szczecin
+48 91 434 76 72 / +48 600 52 57 52
+48 91 434 76 72


***Polish Leading Ropes and Chain Supplier***

YSM and Partners is a Szczecin based manufacturer and wholesaler offering: Dunnage Bags | Synthetic Fiber Ropes | Anchor Chains | Steel Wire Ropes | Anchors | Mooring Ropes for every type of Vessel

Our materials are offered at competitive prices. Their quality is proven by relevant certificates & approvals, but most imporant by the volume of Satisfied Regular Customers.

We deliver across Poland and European Union. We act fast, precise and effective. We are not afraid of any challenges ahead. For our Clients we are always eager to go the extra mile. We invite you to contact us and start cooperation.

With warm regards,
YSM and Partners Team


***We deliver to all Polish ports***

Dunnage Bags
Anchor Chains
Kenter Shackles
Polypropylene Mooring Ropes / Hawsers
Polysteel Mooring Ropes / Hawsers
Polyamide / Nylon Ropes
Polyester Ropes
Mooring Ropes
Fiber Rope Splicing
Kinetic Ropes / Towing Stretchers / Mooring Tails
Dyneema Ropes
Manila / Sisal Ropes
Steel Wires and Compound Hercules Ropes