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Off-shore containers .
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The ZREMB Machine Building Plant was completed on the 2nd of January 1973. Initially it was part of the “Kujawski Work Plant Machine Building Factory ZREMB Solec Kujawski” and then, in 1977, it became a part of the Pomeranian Machine Building Plant “ZREMB-MAKRUM” in Bydgoszcz.

Since 1982 the company has been independent and self-financed. At first the plant produced coach top-bodies – bodies for buses to be mounted on truck chassis, trailers – tippers for building construction, machines and equipment for cellular concrete production plants, machines for dropwork – pile-drivers. Later, heating tunnels for factories and houses as well as various types of trailers – NB 61, ND 160, N 162 were produced. In the eighties the range of machines produced was widened to include agricultural machinery: cultivators and potato diggers/lifters and swath/windrow collectors/balers. At present the company produces mainly containers and steel structures.

In February 1997, as a result of privatization, the company was transformed into a public limited company (joint-stock company) which was called the ZREMB-Chojnice Machine Building Plant S.A. (Inc.), whose principal share-holder was Mostostal-Export S.A. (Inc.). In March 2007 ”Mostostal-Export\" S.A. (Inc.) sold shares of ”ZREMB- CHOJNICE” to Mostostal-Export-Dom Sp. z o.o. Company. As a result of takeover of Mostostal-Export-Dom Sp. z o.o. Company by STORMM S.A. (Inc.) with the registered seat in Warsaw in October 2007, STORMM S.A. (Inc.) became our company shareholder.


Our Offer
Below you can find some of our basic products for sale, these are currently in production and also planned for future production:

Re-inforced ceiling Military Containers.
These are intended for military use. Providing protection from aerial attack they are produced for the German market and are subject to certification and Quality Control inspections by Germanischer
Field Containers
Field Containers intended for use as offices or living quarters. Like the re-inforced ceiling containers, they are produced for the German market and are subject to Quality Control inspections by Germanischer
3in1 and 2in1 type containers.
These containers are produced for the Norwegian market for military and civilian use. According to need they can be used as command centres, kitchens or First Aid Centres. Containers of this type have a Germanischer Lloyd
Off-shore containers
This group includes the following types: 10ft Containers 20ft Containers 10 and 20 ft Containers are intended for various uses associated with deep-sea drilling for crude oil. They provide a resource base in terms of logistics
Baskets are intended for storage and transport of drills used on drilling platforms.These types of products are certified by DET NORSKE VERITAS Inspection Company and made for the Norwegian and Scottish
Mudskips are used for storage and transport of ocean waste material (sludge, silt etc.) emitted during the course of crude oil extraction.These types of products are certified by DET NORSKE VERITAS Inspection Company and made for the Norwegian and
Steel roof constructions
Steel roof constructions and elevations intended for glazing for public-use buildings according to individual design – generally for export ( Germany, Arabic countries, Turkey, Italy, Spain, USA, Ireland and Great
IP-2 Containers
IP-2 Containers intended for the transportation of radio-active waste, in wide-spread use in the nuclear industry on the German market. These are subject to Germanischer Lloyd Quality