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A new operational record at Baltic Hub
Date of publication: 08.04.2024

The Baltic Hub terminal ended last week with a new operating record. During one daily shift, 1,731 trucks and 2,652 containers were handled, achieving an average handling time of 32 minutes.

„This is a significant improvement compared to our previous result on January 31 this year, where we handled 2,596 containers and 1,734 trucks, with a handling time of 37 minutes” – it was announced on the terminal's social media. – „This achievement is a testament to the extraordinary work of our operations team. Professionalism, commitment and constant striving to improve processes are the key success factors. At Baltic Hub, we consistently strive to improve the productivity and efficiency of our terminal. Each record is a step in achieving the mission of offering services at the highest level. Increasing efficiency is part of our long-term commitment to innovation and continuous development in the area of logistics and cargo handling”.

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