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A strategic investment boosts efficiency and handling capacity at OT Port Gdynia
Date of publication: 27.01.2023

By purchasing a Shiploader, OT Logistics Group's OT Port Gdynia has increased its handling capacity by 50%. The OT Port Gdynia Shiploader is a strategic investment, opening up the potential for 4.7 million tons of bulk and general cargo and agricultural transshipments annually.

A key Polish port terminal, OT Port Gdynia is the most universal in Poland. It facilitates the transportation and storage of general and bulk cargo, as well as the servicing of leading companies on the international and domestic markets. The terminal specializes in ro-ro operations, and it is a major player in paper and cellulose handling and storage. Transshipments totaled 3.7 million tonnes in 2022. In total, OT Port Gdynia's annual transshipment capacity is approximately 4 million tons and up to 4.7 million tons after annual investments. Due to the continued blockade of Black Sea transport, part of the increased processing capacity will be used to reload grain delivered from Ukraine.

– Shiploaders load grain onto ships very efficiently. This purchase represents a strategic investment not only for OT Port Gdynia, but also for the OTL Group and the entire area, i.e. Polish ports. As a result, we gain the highest level of competition. The mobile shiploader will be the only one along the Polish coast. In most sea terminals, agro products are reloaded using cranes equipped with grabs. However, only a few have devices for continuous loading. These devices are less efficient than the Shiploader purchased by OT Port Gdynia – emphasizes Jerzy Majewski, President of the Management Board of OT Port Gdynia.

The Samson ship loader has a capacity of 1000 tons per hour and is self-propelled and self-powered. Four pick-up stations deliver goods simultaneously. It is capable of handling Panama ships (up to approximately 65,000 tons DWT). As of now, authorization to use the device is being processed. According to the Management Board of OT Port Gdynia, the Shiploader should start working in March 2023 at the latest. When compared to cranes with grabs, the new device will increase grain loading speed by 50%.

OT Port Gdynia is a universal conventional cargo terminal. Currently, the terminal handles a dominant share of ro-ro goods (rolling loads and semi-trailers) as well as paper and paper products, including cellulose, in Poland. Internationally and domestically, OT Port Gdynia cooperates with leading companies. The Warsaw Stock Exchange lists OT Port Gdynia as a company in the OT Logistics Capital Group.

With over 70 years' experience providing transport, forwarding, and logistics services, OT Logistics Group is the largest and most versatile port operator in Poland. OTL Group mainly operates in Central and Eastern European markets, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Croatia. Ports within the OTL Group include OT Port Świnoujście and OT Port Gdynia, which has the only dedicated ro-ro terminal in Poland. In 2015, OT Logistics acquired shares in the Croatian port of Rijeka. Furthermore, the OTL Group owns Rentrans Cargo forwarding company, Kolej Bałtycka - which provides rail transport and shunting services. The OTL Group also includes a company Port Żegluga Szczeciska, which deals with hydro-engineering projects.

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