Change in the composition of the consortium of the "Miecznik" program confirmed -
Change in the composition of the consortium of the "Miecznik" program confirmed
Date of publication: 19.06.2023
During the third session of the 8th Maritime Safety Forum entitled The contribution of the defense industry to ensuring the maritime security of the Republic of Poland ", explanations were given regarding the current composition of the consortium responsible for the construction of three multi-purpose frigates for the Polish Navy.

So far, almost every piece of information about "Miecznik" has stated that its members included  Polish Armaments Group (leader), PGZ Naval Shipyard and the Remontowa Shipbuilding Shipyard. A few weeks ago, unconfirmed information about changes in it caused quite a stir. At that time, PGZ Stocznia Wojenna informed that the composition of entities involved in the project had not changed. She also stated that "the consortium is reviewing the principles of cooperation" and that "all actions taken by the PGZ-Miecznik Consortium are aimed at improving the implementation of the "Miecznik" program and ensuring that the requirements set by the Armament Agency are met by the Consortium."

During the Forum panel entitled "Investments and modernization programs of the Polish Navy" Vice-President of the Management Board of Remontowa Shipbuilding Shipyard Bartłomiej Pomierski said during the speech entitled "Remontowa Shipbuilding Shipyard in the process of technical modernization of the Navy", that it is a "partner" of the consortium. The issue of its current status was explained by Dariusz Jaguszewski, president of the board of the Gdańsk shipyard, and Cezary Cierzan, director of the "Miecznik" program.

"We are constantly working and taking part in the "Miecznik" program. Even before the consortium was formed, we received an offer to join the construction of frigates. Then we declared that we not only want to take part in this project, but even want to participate in it "from the first line on the drawing board" of the emerging ship design. So we did and signed the contract together. Together with our partners from PGZ and PGZ Stocznia Wojenna, we successfully completed the first stage. It should be emphasized that some of the tasks were originally assigned to the second stage, and which were transferred due to the acceleration of works. This has also been achieved through joint effort, joint work. For us, it does not matter what noun we use to describe our position in the implementation of this project. For us, the most important thing is to include in this program what we are working on all the time, to describe and prepare it in such a way that we do everything we can for the good of the program. The point is for these ships to be built on time, within the budget assumed by the ordering party, but also in accordance with our schedule, due to other tasks that we are already implementing and the budgets we assume in connection with this project", said Dariusz Jaguszewski.

"The composition of the consortium has changed. Remontowa Shipbuilding remains in the "Miecznik" team and continues to perform tasks related to it, resulting from the contract. The form of our cooperation has changed. We have a number of other agreements to streamline the project implementation process. The composition of the consortium members is now limited to Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A. (leader) and PGZ Stocznia Wojenna sp. z o.o., however, Remontowa remains its strategic partner. Any changes we make to the program are to improve its implementation. A consortium agreement is one of the forms of cooperation. We decided together that we would change the format of the contract in order to carry out the tasks as efficiently and comfortably as possible", said Cezary Cierzan.

During the meeting of the subcommittee for the defense industry on the "Miecznik" program on May 24 this year. it was stated that the ships are to be delivered to the ordering party in the years 2028-2030. Despite concerns about the financing of the project, according to the consortium representatives, the works are progressing according to schedule. The current changes in the composition are also not to disturb the continuity of "Miecznik". Apart from the change in the status of Remontowa Shipbuidling Shipyard,  Polish Armaments Group remains members. (leader) and PGZ Naval Shipyard, while foreign partners in the project include Babcock, Thales UK and MBDA UK.

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