Container Terminal in the Port of Świnoujście with a location decision -
Container Terminal in the Port of Świnoujście with a location decision
Date of publication: 17.04.2024

The West Pomeranian Voivode, Adam Rudawski, issued a location decision for the Container Terminal in Świnoujście. Thus, it's now possible to start designing the access infrastructure to the terminal. The construction of a deep-water container terminal in Świnoujście is one of the elements included in the "Seaport Development Program until 2023". Its goal is to consolidate the position of Polish ports in the Baltic Sea basin and create them as key nodes in global supply chains for Central and Eastern Europe.

The terminal is to be built east of the gas port. It will be located on a pier in the sea. It is to be protected from the sea by a breakwater. Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority S.A. created the general framework for the concept of an environmentally friendly terminal. Ultimately, the terminal will be able to handle up to 2 million TEUs per year, simultaneously serving two ships, one 400 meters long and one 200 meters long, using the upcoming shipping channel, 70 km long and 17 meters deep.

According to the presented idea of the construction and function of a container terminal, the selected entity is to implement the project by developing part of the Pomeranian Bay and adjacent properties. Work on the terminal is scheduled to be completed by 2028.

- The container terminal in Świnoujście is a strategic investment both in the economic and national security areas. It is one of the most important investment projects in our maritime economy. It should be noted that we start the entire process practically from scratch. However, we are determined to complete the construction of the terminal. Polish sea ports systematically record an increase in the number of transshipments, and the container terminal will make this number even higher. Thanks to this investment, the largest container ships in the world will call in Western Pomerania. Without a doubt, this is a great opportunity for the development of the Polish maritime economy - emphasized Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Arkadiusz Marchewka. He also emphasized on the X portal (formerly Twitter) that "this is another step bringing us closer to the mooring of the first container ship in the terminal."

The Belgian-Qatari consortium DEME CONCESSIONS N.V. and QTERMINALS W.L.L., responsible for the investment of the deep-water container terminal in Świnoujście, received on November 22 consent from the then Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Marek Gróbarczyk, to lease 75 ha of land in Świnoujście for 30 years. The terminal will be equipped with low-emission handling equipment in accordance with the highest ecological standards. It will constitute dual-use infrastructure, i.e. intended for both civilian activities and capable of handling military cargo.

An important specificity of the terminal's activity is its minimal impact on the surroundings and the natural environment, which was crucial when choosing its location. This is also important for the residents of the Warszów district in Świnoujście, which will be separated from the terminal by a natural forest wall.

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