The Management Board of the Maritime Ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście summarizes the year 2023 -
The Management Board of the Maritime Ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście summarizes the year 2023
Date of publication: 04.01.2024

The year 2023 was significant for the Polish port industry due to the global economy emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar to previous years, it passed with further development and expansion of ports, which meant new investments, contracts, and many completed projects. The Board of Maritime Ports in Szczecin and Świnoujście prepared its summary.

In terms of cargo handling, 2023 closed with almost the same level as 2022. Port operators in Szczecin and Świnoujście handled 36 million tons of cargo, primarily energy resources such as diesel, gas, and grains.


The Voivode issued a permit for the demolition of 77 cubic and building structures at the Świnoujście port area after the MSR Gryfia, preparing the site for the construction of an installation terminal. Two new vehicles enriched the fleet of the Port Fire Brigade in the Szczecin port. They included the VW T6 Caravelle logistics vehicle with the operational number 308z56 and the Skoda KODIAQ with the operational number 308z91. Both vehicles, along with the existing VW T6 Transporter 308z55 and Skoda Yeti 4x4 308z90, complement the firefighting fleet. The vehicles were purchased with funds from ZMPSiŚ S.A., which includes the Port Fire Brigade.

A press conference was held in Warsaw. During the event, the management boards of the maritime ports of Szczecin-Świnoujście, Gdańsk, and Gdynia, in the presence of the infrastructure ministry leadership, summarized the outstanding year 2022 for Polish ports. Port operators in Szczecin-Świnoujście, Gdańsk, and Gdynia achieved excellent operational results in 2022. As a result, the ports closed 2022 with 133.2 million tons of cargo handled, marking an 18 percent improvement over 2021. Szczecin-Świnoujście port accounted for 27.6% of this result.


A conference titled "Transport, Freight Forwarding, Logistics Based on Modern IT Tools" organized by the Polish PCS company took place onboard the "Wawel" ferry. Over two days, industry experts discussed the digitization of port operations.

The Maritime Convention convened in Szczecin on the 103rd anniversary of Poland's marriage to the sea. It is an advisory body to the Minister of Infrastructure, composed of specialists from the maritime industry. Its tasks include advising the ministry on maritime economy directions, recommending initiatives, and proposing projects for ministry consideration.


The first of eight new LNG carriers chartered by PGNiG from the Orlen Group arrived at the President Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal in the port of Świnoujście.


New port regulations came into effect on April 26th, and soon the parameters of facilities, equipment, and installations forming part of the access infrastructure to the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście would be updated. The bulk carrier "Dino," which carried a load of wheat from the "Ewa" elevator, submerged to a depth of 9.74 meters. Other vessels, like the "Tomini Pampero" or the "Federal Nagara," reached similar depths. In mid-April, the new depth record in the port of Szczecin, at 9.8 meters, was achieved by the ship "Kujawy" belonging to the Polish Maritime Navigation.


The Boards of Maritime Ports Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Szczecin-Świnoujście, along with the operating companies, were present at logistics fairs in Munich under the banner "Ports of Poland." As part of the "Open Days of European Funds," the "Strażak-28" opened its deck to visitors.

Once again, ZMPSiŚ participated in the "Two Hours for the Family" campaign.

Demolition work began at the location of the future installation terminal in the port of Świnoujście. This fact was announced at a special press conference.

Krzysztof Urbaś, the president of ZMPSiŚ SA, was honored with the "Honorary Badge for Merit to Energy" and the "Amber Helm" for his many years of work for the Polish maritime economy, particularly for his undisputed contribution to the development of the Polish port industry in Gdynia, Gdańsk, Szczecin, and Świnoujście. His over 20 years of involvement in building and operating the maritime economy's self-government bodies, including participation in the work of the National Council of the Chamber of Maritime Economy and the Port Customs Commission, contributed to the development of the "Set of Practices and Principles of Port Trade Cooperation."


The month was marked by numerous maritime congresses and business meetings attended by ZMPSiŚ. It started with the Polish Ports 2030 congress in Gdańsk and concluded with the 10th International Maritime Congress in Szczecin.

Additionally, the annual Polish Sea Day event promoting Polish ports took place in Budapest. Meanwhile, the third edition of the INTERMODAL IN POLAN congress was held in Janów Podlaski. President Krzysztof Urbaś participated in the III Maritime Forum of Radio Gdańsk.

The Port Team participated in the NCDC Business Race relay race at Jasne Błonia in Szczecin.

ZMPSiŚ received 85% funding for the total project costs titled "Building the transshipment capacity of the Świnoujście seaport to service the needs of offshore wind energy." The funding comes from the "Connecting Europe" Instrument for 2021-2027 (CEF 2). The total project cost is 77.5 million euros, with funding of 65.9 million euros.

The "Strażak-28" was awarded the "Ship of the Year" prize. The award was presented at the III Maritime Forum of Radio Gdańsk.


The Board of Maritime Ports Szczecin and Świnoujście SA, together with the consortium consisting of DEME CONCESSIONS N.V. from Belgium and QTERMINALS W.L.L. from Qatar, signed a preliminary agreement for a 30-year lease of land located in the external port of Świnoujście for the financing, construction, and operation of the Deepwater Container Terminal. The investor in the tender offer also committed to actions for the local community agreed with the Świnoujście municipality worth at least 5 million euros.


The West Pomeranian Voivode granted a permit for the construction of an installation terminal in Świnoujście to service offshore wind farms. The first in Poland and one of the most modern terminals in Europe will start operating between 2024 and 2025. The terminal's construction consists of two separate investments—the hydro-technical part, managed by the Board of Maritime Ports Szczecin and Świnoujście, and the land part, carried out by ORLEN NEPTUN.


A new port fee system was introduced. A press conference was held as part of the investments in the Dębicki Canal, informing about the progress of modernization works in the area. ZMPSiŚ SA and OT Port Świnoujście extended their lease agreement.


A conference titled "Offshore - concessions in Polish maritime areas" took place in Warsaw. Construction work on the Ferry Terminal in Świnoujście was completed. At a special press conference attended by invited guests, including representatives of ferry operators and partner ports Ystad and Trelleborg, the completion of construction work was announced as part of the project titled "Adaptation of the Ferry Terminal Infrastructure in Świnoujście for Intermodal Transport Services."

The port board participated in Baltexpo - International Maritime Fairs and Conferences at a joint stand with the ports of Gdańsk and Gdynia - PortsOfPoland.

On October 10th, the container terminal in Świnoujście received an environmental decision. Meanwhile, Orlen began construction of an installation terminal for offshore wind energy needs at the Świnoujście port. This is a joint investment between ZMPSiŚ and the Orlen Group. PORR will be the contractor for the maritime part of the terminal, while Sweco Polska sp. z o.o. will be the project engineer. Budimex will carry out the land part.

A letter of intent was signed at ZMPSiŚ to establish the second agro-port in Poland, at the port of Świnoujście.

The 2023 Maritime Economy Forum took place in Gdynia. ZMPSiŚ was represented by Krzysztof Urbaś, the president of the board, during a panel discussion on maritime ports. President Krzysztof Urbaś was awarded the honorary prize of the National Chamber of Maritime Economy "Amber Helm 2022" for his many years of work for the Polish maritime economy, particularly for his undisputed contribution to the development of the Polish port industry in Gdynia, Gdańsk, Szczecin, and Świnoujście. The award was presented during the 23rd edition of the maritime business meeting "Wspólna Kaczka."

A modern factory for wind tower production will be built in the Szczecin port. The Board of Maritime Ports Szczecin and Świnoujście SA and Windar Polska sp. z o.o. signed a preliminary lease agreement for land located on Ostrow Grabowski in the Szczecin port.

For the eighth consecutive year, a blood donation drive took place at the port. 23 people donated blood, bringing the total to 112.68 liters.


The Szczecin-Świnoujście Port attended the X International Transport and Logistics Fair in Warsaw. It was also present at the Polish Logistics Day event in Prague, where discussions were held, among other topics, on access to Polish ports. This conference with representatives of the Czech administration and business was organized by the Polish embassy.

Representatives of the Board of Maritime Ports Szczecin and Świnoujście SA, along with the Belgian-Qatari consortium DEME CONCESSIONS N.V. and QTERMINALS W.L.L., the investor in the deepwater container terminal, met with Janusz Żmurkiewicz, the mayor of Świnoujście. During the meeting, Mayor Żmurkiewicz presented general information about the city, its main areas, and the needs of its residents. Meeting participants unanimously emphasized the need to develop dialogue between the parties to build mutual trust and strengthen social acceptance for investments. This is particularly important because the investor, in the tender offer, committed to conduct actions for the local community agreed with the Świnoujście municipality worth at least 5 million euros.


At the Finnish Quay in the Port of Szczecin, a new Ship-to-Shore (STS) crane, used for container unloading, was officially put into operation after undergoing all necessary tests and inspections. The crane was purchased for 40 million PLN by the DB Port Szczecin company. This investment is linked to the deepening of the Świnoujście-Szczecin waterway, allowing for the reception of ships with a greater tonnage than before. This is the third crane at the Finnish Quay, but it has larger dimensions and capabilities, standing at 70 meters tall and weighing 1200 tons. It is capable of lifting loads of up to 75 tons or two 20-foot containers weighing a total of 65 tons on its hook, enabling the handling of ships with 16 rows of containers or more.

During a festive pre-Christmas dinner, many employees of the company were honored. For their exceptional contributions to achievements and the development of the maritime economy, the Minister of Infrastructure awarded the Honorary Badge of Merit for Distinguished Maritime Worker to Beata Płatkowska and Krzysztof Kwietni. Additionally, at the recommendation of the management of the Board of Maritime Ports Szczecin and Świnoujście SA for exemplary and conscientious performance of duties in their professional work, contribution to the port's development, and shaping a positive image of the company, 28 individuals were awarded the Gold and Silver Anchors. The decorations were presented by the President of the Board, Krzysztof Urbaś, and the Vice President for Infrastructure, Jacek Cichocki.

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