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Flint Systems delivered an airport vehicle VR simulator
Date of publication: 27.02.2024

Flint Systems, specializing in developing and supplying VR simulators of various machines and vehicles, including ships, as well as port equipment such as cranes and gantries, also provided the client with the world's first VR simulator of a pushback vehicle used at airports to pull planes along the tarmac.

The company that ordered the world's first VR simulator of a pushback vehicle is Welcome Airport Services, one of the market's leading handling agents serving airlines in Poland. Flint Systems reported that the delivery of the simulator resulted in the training of instructors in its use.

According to Flint Systems, "this state-of-the-art device will be used in the training program for Welcome Airport Services employees. It is the first simulator of this type in Poland and probably in the world."

WAS ordered the device in April 2023. The simulator includes two training stations: stationary for learning theory and movable for practical learning how to maneuver a vehicle on the airport tarmac. Both are equipped with Flint Systems' own software and hardware, providing a realistic simulation.

Training on a VR simulator allows you to simulate the process of pushing and towing aircraft without risk to people and equipment. The training scenarios include acquiring both theoretical and practical knowledge, e.g. vehicle inspection (with checklist), operation of 10 drawbar models, connecting the drawbar to the aircraft and pushing the aircraft in various weather conditions.

The order also included: adding a module for generating student reports, simulation of two aircraft models: Airbus 321 and Boeing 737, taking into account changing weather conditions and times of day, simulation of four emergency situations: wheel slippage, head crack, pin break, road blocked by another vehicle.

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