Made in Goleniów - Hanse 460 named "European Yacht of the Year 2022" -
Made in Goleniów - Hanse 460 named "European Yacht of the Year 2022"
Date of publication: 27.01.2022

The Hanse 460 yacht, which is largely built at the Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych factory in the Goleniów Industrial Park, was recognized by the international jury as the "European Yacht of the Year 2022" in the Family Cruiser category. The Hanse 460 outperformed renowned competitors such as Dufour 470 or Oceanis 34 and thus won the world's most important award in the sailing industry.

The winners were decided by the votes of a 12-person jury consisting of the editors of the most important European sailing magazines.

- Hanse 460 convinces with attractive aesthetics, offers pleasant sailing - justifies the choice of one of the jurors, Toby Hodges from Yachting World (Great Britain).

Particularly noteworthy is the ratio of high quality to attractive price. This makes the world delight with the vessel, which is perfect for joint, family sailing trips.

As Andreas Unger, Hanse Product Manager comments: - We are extremely proud to receive the Sailing Industry Oscar. The whole team worked passionately on this boat and fought for success. Our decision to work with designers from Berret-Racoupeau turned out to be right.

Maciej Twardowski, Managing Director at Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych is not hiding his satisfaction with the award, it is here that many elements of the winning unit are created.

- This is not the first award received by a yacht built in our Goleniów plant - says Maciej Twardowski. - We are pleased with these awards because they prove that we are able to create great units and that the quality of the products leaving our plant is the highest possible. This award motivates us and we will undoubtedly continue to strive for excellence to surprise sailors with new solutions that will make sailing around the world even more fun - he adds.

The Hanse 460 combines innovative design with traditional Hanse values such as fast cruise and easy sailing. The newly developed hydrodynamic hull provides a balance between the narrow waterline for better hull speed, and the wide hull above the waterline for the greatest possible space inside the yacht. The new deck design has 14 opening hatches and eight opening windows to ensure maximum lighting and ventilation below the deck.

The large sail area (114 m2 windward and 234 m2 downwind) demonstrates the great potential of the Hanse 460. The standard bowsprit with integrated anchor arm serves as a forward tack point for headsails and gennaker and can be used as an attachment point for a second genoa or reacher stay.

Hanse 460 is another of the models offered by Hanse Yachts, which will fulfill the dreams of customers and allow you to enjoy the freedom and endlessness of water.

This year's "Sailing Oscar" is not the first award for the unit produced in Goleniów. Yachts manufactured in TTS almost every year win the most prestigious awards of the sailing world. Last year, the Dehler 30 One Design was named the best vessel in the US Sail Best Boat competition in the 30-foot boat category. Sailors and jurors decided that the yacht produced near Szczecin is an ideal for sports sailing! Award-winning yachts in recent years have also been Moody DS 41, Hanse 315, Hanse 348, and Dehler 34.

TTS employs nearly 800 people in its plant, and annually produces over 600 yachts and motor boats. Last year, he was awarded the "Made in Szczecin" award, he also won the title of the Enterprise of the Year 2021 in the competition of the Northern Chamber of Commerce.

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