PGE and Ørsted are launching a tender for the rental of offshore wind turbine installation vessels for OWF Baltica -
PGE and Ørsted are launching a tender for the rental of offshore wind turbine installation vessels for OWF Baltica
Date of publication: 30.01.2022

PGE and Ørsted are starting to look for a partner with whom they will sign a contract for the lease of installation vessels that will support work on the assembly of wind turbine generators for the Baltica Offshore Wind Farm.

The tender for the rental of installation ships is one of the key orders carried out for the OWF Baltica project with a capacity of up to 2.5 GW. It is the largest investment in the Polish exclusive economic zone of the Baltic Sea, implemented under the 50/50 partnership by PGE Baltica from the PGE Group and the company Ørsted Polska belonging to the Danish group.

Potential suppliers who will participate in the procedure, meet the formal requirements and submit a declaration of willingness to participate, will be invited to submit binding offers.

- The construction of the Baltica offshore wind farm is a strategic investment project of the PGE Group, implemented in partnership with Ørsted, and the largest wind farm investment in the Baltic Sea. It is also of key importance for the development of the Polish economy. We want the participation of Polish enterprises in the implementation of offshore wind investments to be as high as possible - says Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

- It is an intense year when it comes to purchasing processes. Currently, we are continuing the dialogue with suppliers of individual components and services for both stages of the Baltica Offshore Wind Farm. These processes run in parallel with the obtaining of permits and commercial processes, because we want to deliver the first energy from the farm on schedule, says Søren Westergaard Jensen, director of the Orsted IMF Baltica project and acting Offshore Managing Director in Ørsted Polska.

According to the schedule, the launch of the first stage of the Baltica Sea Wind Farm project, i.e. Baltica 3 with a capacity of approx. 1045 MW, is planned for 2026. The next stage, i.e. Baltica 2 with a capacity of approx. 1500 MW, is to be commissioned by 2027. These investments will contribute to accelerating the Polish energy transformation. Both stages of the Baltica OWF have location decisions, environmental decisions, transmission grid connection agreements with the operator, and were granted the right to a contract for difference.

In 2022, the project partners expect to receive an environmental decision for the onshore transmission part, and will start work on obtaining building permits. This is the last permit required by Polish law before the final inversion decision is made.

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