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PORR completes work in Gdańsk's Northern Port
Date of publication: 29.06.2023
PORR S.A. has announced that it has completed the modernisation of the northern island breakwater in the Northern Port of Gdańsk (Port Zewnętrzny Gdańsk). This is to enable this one to resist storms and bad weather in the Baltic Sea.

During the works carried out, members of the construction team had to thoroughly rebuild and reinforce its structure over a length of 1,700 metres, starting from the land section up to the lighthouse tower. The scope of the project included, among other things, demolition and repair work on concrete structures, paving, shotcrete work, reinforced concrete work and the renovation of navigation lighting.

The aim of the whole project was to ensure the protection of a section of the Polish coastline that is important for shipping and maritime freight transport."Thanks to us, the Northern Port does not have to fear any storm," a note published on social media stressed. The full scope of works specified in the contract was calculated to be completed within 16 months. The value of the contract was almost PLN 27 million gross.

The works were carried out in the immediate vicinity of the new shield breakwaters, built by the PORR and Roverpol consortium between 2019 and 2021. Worth more than PLN 600 million gross, the project was one of the largest hydrotechnical investments carried out in Poland in recent years. Its implementation allowed for an increase in the safety and capacity of shipping in the Gdańsk North Port.

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