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Port of Gdańsk - another road and rail investment completed; 10 hectares of land soon ready for lease
Date of publication: 21.12.2023

A conference summarizing the project to expand and modernize the road and rail infrastructure at the Industrial Quay in the Inner Port was held at the Gdańsk Port Captain's Office.

A conference summarizing another investment project was held today at the Port of Gdynia Captain's Office. This time it concerned, among other things, the reconstruction of the rail and road system between the Industrial Wharf and Ku Ujsciu Street, and between Chemików Street and the ferry crossing abutment in the course of Bosman Street over the Kaszubski Canal. The upgraded and new roads are about 1.6 kilometers long, and the tracks are about 6 kilometers long. All road surfaces were made using cement concrete technology. As the president of the Port of Gdansk Authority Lukasz Malinowski emphasized, 10 hectares of land have been connected to other parts of the port, which will enable more land to be leased in the future.

- This significantly facilitates the operation of operators in these areas, as the rail network and road system have been expanded. Traffic can affect internal communication between operators, between wharves, as well as the provincial and national road system in a completely different, smoother way," explained Chairman Malinowski.

The project consumed 19 million euros, 20% of which came from the European agency CINEA. The investment was handled by NDI of Sopot, a company selected in a tender.

- We are very happy that local companies are also able to win tenders and carry out investments efficiently," said Kamil Tarczewski, vice president of the Port of Gdańsk for infrastructure. - That's a total of more than two years of hard work, crowned with success and an occupancy permit for all infrastructure elements.

As Vice President Tarczewski added, there were quite a few changes in the course of the project, which required flexibility from all parties involved. All the work was managed to be carried out without preventing operations for port operators.

- I had the pleasure of visiting the port exactly two years ago, when work on this project had barely begun. Despite some initial challenges, the investment was implemented steadily. Over the past few years, the Port Authority has successfully implemented several safe projects. The port's investments complement each other and are proceeding in parallel to develop the port until 2027. With EU support, the Port of Gdansk is improving its accessibility from the land as well as the sea. Together, we are working towards the common goal of optimal integration of maritime and rail transport along the TEN-T network, while taking into account the climate goals of the European Green Deal and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy," commented Morten Jensen, representative of the European Executive Agency for Climate, Infrastructure and Environment (CINEA).

The conference on the completion of one project also gave rise to talks about others. Port of Gdańsk CEO Łukasz Malinowski announced that funding has already been awarded under the European CEF2 program and tenders are underway for the reconstruction of another 2 km of wharves. The funding covers a project called "Improving access to the Port of Gdańsk - modernization of waterway 2." As part of it, four Inner Port quays are to be rebuilt: Vistula, Bytom, Ore III and partially Coal.

- The European Union has granted us €100 million for this purpose. This is a substantial amount of money, which will significantly expand our handling capabilities," reported President Malinowski. In an interview with GospodarkaMorska.pl, he noted that from the point of view of the Port of Gdynia Authority, the most important investments in the coming 12 months will be the FSRU, the new liquid fuel transshipment site at Naftoport, as well as the T3 and T5 terminals at Baltic Hub. A tender for the lease of land with access to the deep-water quay will also be announced soon. - This is one of the last such areas in our port, so we strongly encourage you to participate in the tender," added Łukasz Malinowski.

All investments implemented in the Port of Gdańsk serve to raise the handling capacity of the port itself and the operators operating within it. The Port of Gdańsk is already the fastest growing port in Europe. President Łukasz Malinowski told the conference that during the 11 months of 2023 a total of about 74.9 million tons were handled in Gdańsk, 13 million tons more than in the same period of 2022. Thus, Gdansk has already overtaken ports such as Bremerhaven and Barcelona in transshipment, and after the first quarter of 2023 ranks 5th in the EU.

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