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Port of Gdańsk: military ambulances for Ukraine have arrived
Date of publication: 07.03.2024

21 military ambulances from Singapore were unloaded at the Port of Gdańsk at the Rudowe Quay. The vehicles will go to Ukraine.

This week, the UHL Flash ship arrived at the Rudowe Quay in the Port of Gdańsk. The 150-meter freighter adapted to transport heavy loads appeared in Gdańsk on Monday evening, and on Tuesday the 22 military ambulances that arrived in its hold were unloaded.

The vehicles are a donation from the Ministry of Defense of Singapore to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. 21 ambulances were loaded onto a ship in Singapore. The vehicles are used but refurbished.

The Polish agent of the vessel is Hecksher Polska, which also handles transport from the forwarding side. The unloading was handled by the Port Gdański Eksploatacja.

This type of cargo is not new for Hecksher Polska. In December, the company operated the transport of buses that were to complement public transport in Kiev.

UHL Flash is a 150-meter ship registered under the Madeira flag, built in 2019. On the way from Singapore, the vessel stopped in Vigo, Spain, and Cuxhaven, Germany, and had previously called in China. The ship took not only ambulances on the cruise – on its upper deck it also transports catamarans intended for salmon farms in Norway. Earlier, it also landed two zero-emission CTV ships destined for Denmark in Germany. These are vessels built for MHO-Co, a company working for Orsted: MHO Boreas and MHO Balder.

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