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Speed opens a grain transhipment warehouse at the Port of Gdańsk
Date of publication: 16.11.2023
On November 16, Speed, an operator carrying out reloading in the sea ports of Gdańsk and Gdynia, officially opened a warehouse with an area of 4,000 m2 dedicated to grain reloading along with the surrounding storage and maneuvering yards at the Port of Gdańsk.

The opening ceremony took place in the newly built hall with the participation of representatives of Speed, the Port of Gdańsk Authority, port operators operating in the port, members of the Port of Gdańsk Stakeholders Council and media representatives.

The space where reloading will be carried out is a modern hall with built-in retaining walls, where it will be possible to reload over 23,000 tons of grain. The structure consists of a light steel frame, coated with 2 layers of flexible material and retaining walls. It is possible to store grain up to a height of 6 m, and meal up to 8 m. For the entire investment, apart from the warehouse, a light tent hall with an area of 4,000 m2 also includes: a yard with an area of 8,000 m2, a tight tray with a rainwater treatment system enabling the reloading of leachates whose leachates may pose a problem to the natural environment, such as scrap, sulfur, phosphates; 4,500 m2 of warehouse for neutral chemicals, including artificial fertilizers, caustic soda, and approximately 15,000 m2 of storage and maneuvering areas.

- We are a company with an established position in the sea transshipment industry. We estimate that the newly completed investment will allow us to handle an additional million tons of goods in Gdańsk, which will significantly increase our transhipment capacity and thus we will become a strong player in the Port of Gdańsk. The only factor currently limiting the development of our company is the worn-out Vistula Quay with parameters that do not meet modern needs. We hope that the construction company selected in the tender will cope with the task in a way that ensures continuity of reloading. Completion of the investment, including the new track system and access roads, will allow us to achieve a transhipment volume in Gdańsk of 3.5 million tons of cargo per year. – says Paweł Zastawny, president of Speed.

So far, the company has transhipped grain (234,000 tonnes in 2022) mainly on the quays of the Port of Gdynia. From today, this will also be possible on a much larger scale at the Port of Gdansk. The company estimates that thanks to the launch of the warehouse in Gdańsk, it will reload 300,000. tons of grain per year.

In the first 10 months of 2023, the company transhipped a total of 2.2 million tons of goods, of which 1.4 million tons in Gdańsk and 819 thousand in Gdynia. tone. In Gdańsk, most of the cargo groups transhipped coal (556,000 tonnes), coke (314,000 tonnes) and scrap (196,000 tonnes).

Representatives of the Port of Gdansk Authority emphasize the importance of this investment, which will significantly influence the development of the entire port:

- Thanks to this investment, the Port of Gdansk's capabilities in terms of transport and reloading of grain and feed will certainly increase. Moreover, the transit of cargo due to the blockade of Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea will be improved and will run smoother - explains Kamil Tarczewski, vice-president of the Port of Gdansk.

The Speed company leases an area of 5.3 hectares at the Port of Gdańsk, where it tranships bulk goods, including: post-refinery coke, coke, coal, scrap, soda, aggregate. The total value of investments carried out at the Port of Gdańsk in 2019-2023 from the company's own funds is over PLN 34 million. Currently, the company carries out transhipments based on the Wiślane Quay, which at this stage does not meet the requirements for its further operation, therefore the company has great hopes in connection with the investment planned by the Port Authority, which is aimed at the complete modernization of the quay. Thanks to this investment, the quality and standard of ship service, as well as working conditions, will improve, transshipment capacity will increase and the ability to handle larger vessels will increase. In addition, the length of the mooring line will be increased, and the shorelines will be adapted to the needs of vessels with the maximum permissible draft, so that they can safely navigate in the Port Channel.

The Speed company is developing very intensively, further investments are planned, a significant part of which is already underway. This will include, among others, a square at the Wiślane quay, as well as specialized workshop and office premises, which will include a control room, cloakrooms and a truck wash.

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