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Port of Gdynia. Investments shaping the future of maritime trade routes [video]
Date of publication: 21.12.2023

The Port of Gdynia closes 2023 successfully, achieving record transhipments and continuing its ambitious investment plan. The flagship element of these activities is the modernization of the Helskie Quay, which will increase the efficiency of ship service and enable the reception of larger vessels, strengthening the port's position as a strategic point on the map of global maritime trade. The contract value is nearly PLN 300 million gross, and the works are planned for a period of 26 months.

The investment, which is of key importance for increasing the operational efficiency of the port, includes a thorough reconstruction over a length of approximately 800 meters. The DORACO Construction Corporation was engaged to implement this massive infrastructure project. Radosław Jarosiewicz, vice-president of the company, points out that the contract perfectly fits the broad competences and experience of the company, which specializes in the implementation of hydrotechnical projects and building construction.

– From the very beginning, we prepared the offer reliably, both in terms of workmanship and cost estimates. Based on our extensive experience, we were also able to provide the most favorable price conditions. It will certainly be an engineering-demanding project – he emphasizes.

The contracted works will include, among others, dismantling the existing elements of the Helskie I and Oksywskie Quays, including surfaces, networks, and both underground and above-ground infrastructure, as well as necessary demolition works in the area of the task implementation.

Additionally, the construction of new quays with comprehensive equipment is planned as part of these works. Drainage-related activities are also planned, such as the construction of a new reinforced concrete box and a palisade on the water side. The project also includes the construction of new sanitary, electrical and telecommunications installations, as well as the creation of a new concrete surface with a drainage system.

Jacek Sadaj, President of the Port of Gdynia Authority, emphasizes that all current investments are carried out in a way that takes into account the continuity of transhipment operations. He expressed his belief that the key projects planned and implemented by the Port of Gdynia are directed in such a way as not to disrupt the regularity of activities, realizing that this has a significant impact on the development of economic cooperation and the security of Poland and the Central European region.

– It is worth noting that these investments are a big challenge because they are constantly implemented under the load of traffic and handling of ships that constantly enter the port. Despite the fact that reconstruction is underway at the Helskie Quay, last month the BCT terminal achieved the historically largest transshipment record – he points out.

The reconstruction of the Helskie Quay is not the only impressive investment undertaken by the PGA this year. In November, a tender was announced for the design and construction of new breakwaters, almost 2.5 kilometers long. This project, in addition to increasing the capacity of the Port of Gdynia, has a significant impact on operational efficiency and shipping safety. The implementation of the project will be crucial to maintaining the highest port standards. The strategic importance of this investment for Poland was additionally confirmed by financial support from the State Treasury. The investment agreements signed before the tender announcement and the increase in the company's share capital give the green light to implement projects using funds from the state budget.

– A new port protection system, new breakwaters are over 2 km of new hydrotechnical structure that will protect the port against waves, but will also secure the port's development for the future. This is the most important. The Port of Gdynia showed how much transshipment it can handle using the existing infrastructure. It is time for further, very important investments, the implementation of which will enable further development of the port. These new breakwaters are an opportunity to build a new development area for the port - a new Outer Port. In fact, today we are ready to settle the procedure for selecting a private partner with whom we will be able to build a new 151 hectares of port area together – explains President Sadaj. – But even without the Outer Port, these breakwaters are still needed to improve safety on the water. Thanks to the new breakwater system, the largest vessels will be able to call at the port of Gdynia, and navigation inside this area, which will be protected by the breakwaters, will be much safer – he adds.

The Port of Gdynia is consistently evolving towards becoming a leader in the port industry, playing an important role in shaping Poland's economic landscape. The year 2023 appears to be a period of exceptional growth and breakthrough investments, heralding a new era of dynamic development. Thanks to determination, far-sighted vision and strategic undertakings, the port is ready to meet the challenges of the future, providing business partners with optimal conditions for cooperation.

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