The demolition of the old ferry terminal in Gdynia has started -
The demolition of the old ferry terminal in Gdynia has started
Date of publication: 26.04.2023

At the Helskie Quay II in the Port of Gdynia, the dismantling of the passenger sleeve in the old ferry terminal has begun. It has been empty for a long time, which resulted from the transfer of ferry traffic to the new terminal at the Polish Quay.

In June, it will be a year since the ferries belonging to Stena Line dock at the new Public Ferry Terminal. The facility was built at the Polish Quay, near the Emigration Museum in Gdynia. Since then, the old facility at the Helskie Quay II has not been used. There were plans to redevelop this area in connection with the developing port activities in Gdynia.

The old infrastructure left after the former terminal is being demolished due to the planned reconstruction of the quay. Thanks to last year's move, it's possible to regain this quay for other port activities, which is very important in the case of limited space at the Port of Gdynia. Ultimately, the operator in this area will be BCT, which won last year's tender. The subject of the competition was both the areas currently occupied by BCT and subsequent ones, intended for handling and storage activities, with a view to, among others, on the implementation of transhipments for the construction and service of offshore wind farms.

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