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A service and logistics center for NATO ships will be built in Gdynia
Date of publication: 22.02.2023

The Tri-City is to be not only a place where allied ships stop. Polish Armament Group (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa – PGZ) has an ambitious plan to provide repair and servicing facilities in Gdynia.

During the broadcast on Radio Gdańsk, the president of PGZ Naval Shipyard (PGZ Stocznia Wojenna Sp. z o. o.) Paweł Lulewicz emphasized that Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa decided to build a powerful shipbuilding center in Gdynia, capable of servicing not only the needs arising from repairs, but also those related to the construction of new vessels. It should be emphasized here that since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, ships of NATO countries have regularly entered Polish ports. Many visits are related to replenishing supplies and resting the crew. Due to the intensive operation of many of these units, there is also a need for their inspection and possible repairs and maintenance.

During the interview, Lulewicz also referred to President Joe Biden's visit to Kiev and Warsaw, emphasizing the role of Poland in the alliance system and the strengthening of Polish-American relations.

- This is a historic visit, it is very good that it happened. Each of us wonders how the Polish-American alliance can be related to Pomerania. As a Naval Shipyard, we have been observing the increased presence of American troops in our region from the sea side for a long time. This implies the needs related to the presence of such vessels in our basin, starting from mundane things, i.e. various types of maintenance and repair services. This is a challenge that we have taken up and we want to continue it in the form of building a service and logistics center for NATO allied ships in Gdynia. We are conducting very advanced talks on this subject. This is a practical, economic dimension of cooperation and the Polish-American alliance - emphasized Lulewicz.

The possibility of the maritime infrastructure in Gdynia to accommodate large, modern ships would be extremely valuable also in terms of the Polish shipbuilding industry. In connection with the adaptation of facilities, tools, as well as constant staff training, it would also be possible to direct the domestic industry not only to servicing, but also to building from scratch, using domestic capabilities.

- We are part of a huge investment program in Poland when it comes to the entire defense sector. Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa has decided that it wants to build a powerful shipbuilding center in Gdynia, capable of servicing not only the needs arising from repairs, but also those related to the construction of new units. This entire investment program is focused around the construction of three frigate-class ships under the Miecznik programme. Stocznia Wojenna, together with PGZ S.A. and the Remontowa Shipbuilding shipyard from Gdańsk, is a consortium. PGZ Stocznia Wojenna is a technical leader. It is in Gdynia that this ship will be built. For all this, however, investments are needed. For many years, the shipbuilding sector was treated as it was. We are moving forward and today we are talking about investments of PLN 300 million in the Naval Shipyard alone. We invest in modern infrastructure, this is the entire program related to robotization. We want this infrastructure to be at the level of a modern factory. As of today, all investments we are implementing are taking place according to schedules, informed the president of the PGZ Naval Shipyard.

According to Lulewicz, PGZ will need more and more employees to effectively fulfill the orders it faces, as well as to meet the challenges of the future. That is why it is already developing cooperation with schools and universities in order to educate future staff who will build ships for the Polish Navy and deal with the maintenance not only of them, but also of those belonging to NATO countries.

- Today, in the Naval Shipyard, each job generates two to three jobs in the environment. There will be more of them, more and more hands will be needed to work. That is why we are developing cooperation with schools. Young people need to be persuaded by creating working conditions. If young people see advertising videos and then enter a workshop that has not been modernized for 30 years, there is a clash with reality. Not everyone can mentally withstand it. I respect and understand that. As part of the large investments we carry out, we also remember about this. We will build a competence center in the shipyard itself. We work with enthusiasts and teachers. They are support for young people. This is starting to bring results. After completing the apprenticeship, more and more young people are starting to come back and consider the shipyard as a place of employment - he emphasized during the broadcast.

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