Chipolbrok has a new ship -
Chipolbrok has a new ship
Date of publication: 01.01.2024

Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company Chipolbrok has just expanded its fleet with a new multi-purpose vessel.

On December 27, a naming ceremony for Chipolbrok's new ship took place in China. The vessel for heavy and large cargo, manufactured by the Taizhou Kouan Shipbuilding shipyard, will be called Yu An. It will sail under the flag of Hong Kong.

Yu An is 200 meters long and over 32 meters wide. Its carrying capacity is approximately 62,000 tons. It is equipped with four cranes on the port side that can operate in pairs. Each pair is capable of carrying objects weighing up to 300 tons. The vessel also has five holds with a total capacity of 75,000 cubic meters.

Taizhou Kouan Shipbuilding is also building another similar ship for Chipolbrok, the sixth in the series. It is to be delivered in the first half of 2024.

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