Euro China Train: Multimodal Logistics for Global Needs -
Euro China Train: Multimodal Logistics for Global Needs
Date of publication: 21.05.2024

Transporting goods between Asia and Europe presents challenges requiring precision and flexibility. The Euro China Train project, implemented by Adampol S.A., offers comprehensive multimodal logistics solutions, combining sea, rail, road, and air transport. Amid current global tensions and difficulties, it ensures efficiency, speed, and reliability of deliveries, adapting to the dynamically changing geopolitical conditions.

Despite its name suggesting a focus on rail transport, Euro China Train encompasses much more. Clients can utilize sea, land (rail and road), and air transport. This approach allows customization to meet specific client needs and ensures efficiency in all conditions. Mateusz Frankiewicz, Deputy Director of Euro China Train, emphasizes the flexibility of services:
“We organize door-to-door transport using various means depending on client needs. We offer both full container loads and less-than-container loads, and our services include comprehensive logistical and customs support.”

The door-to-door service is one of the most intriguing elements of the Euro China Train offer. The company takes responsibility for the cargo from the moment it is picked up from the sender until it is delivered to the recipient. This includes not only transport but also all customs formalities and other procedures related to international cargo transport.

“Our Customs Agency handles all formalities related to transporting goods across borders. We operate both in China and across Europe, providing full support at every stage of transport,” adds Frankiewicz.

Integration of various modes of transport is crucial, especially given the dynamically changing geopolitical landscape. Euro China Train flexibly combines sea, rail, and road transport, optimizing time and transport costs. In today’s world, where global tensions and conflicts impact logistics, such an approach ensures stability and reliability of deliveries.

“We adapt our routes and means of transport to changing conditions to always offer our clients the best solutions. In case of delays in sea transport, we can quickly switch to rail or air transport to minimize delivery time,” explains Frankiewicz.

Euro China Train offers road transport using its own fleet of trucks, including car carriers, tarpaulin trucks, and container frames. This diversity allows the company to provide comprehensive logistics services tailored to each client's needs.

The proximity of Polish ports in Gdańsk and Gdynia facilitates smooth integration of sea transport with rail and road transport, which is especially important for clients from the Baltic States, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom. Frankiewicz highlights that optimizing sea routes is crucial in light of current geopolitical challenges.

 “We see the situation in the Red Sea, where transit times have significantly increased. In such cases, rail transport becomes an ideal solution, allowing for faster deliveries without substantial cost increases. For the most urgent shipments, we also offer air transport,” says Frankiewicz.

A strategic point for Euro China Train is the Logistics Center in Małaszewicze, located within the Free Customs Zone. This is the first stop for the train in Poland, where container deconsolidation takes place. From there, goods are directed to Western Europe or delivered to the Baltic Hub terminal in Gdańsk, where they are transshipped onto ships. The Małaszewicze Logistics Center boasts extensive warehouse space, including 20,000 square meters of covered, heated, monitored, and guarded space, overseen by the Quality Control Department.

 “The Małaszewicze Logistics Center is a key element of our infrastructure. It provides complete customs and logistics services, allowing for quick and efficient processing of goods,” emphasizes Frankiewicz.

Euro China Train serves clients in the Baltic States, Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom, offering not only access to container terminals but also a complete door-to-door service at a fixed price. With the support of Hyundai Glovis, ECT leverages international resources and experience, enabling effective operations and competitive services. The company continuously evolves to meet the growing demands of the market and clients, offering dedicated solutions of the highest quality.

Euro China Train is not just about rail transport – it is a comprehensive, multimodal logistics service that, through a flexible approach, diverse means of transport, and full customs support, effectively addresses the challenges of contemporary intercontinental logistics. In light of the complex international situation, such versatility and adaptability are fundamental to ensuring continuity of supply and customer satisfaction.

Photo: ECT

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