It has never been done before - the christening of the CTV simulator in virtual reality. Staff for the Polish offshore wind sector will be trained here -
It has never been done before - the christening of the CTV simulator in virtual reality. Staff for the Polish offshore wind sector will be trained here
Date of publication: 02.02.2023

The Center of New Competences (CNK) consistently implements its strategy of active implementation of prototype technologies and innovative solutions. The debut of the Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) simulator was witnessed by representatives of the Polish offshore wind industry and local government in Gdynia.

Innovation is about taking 2 existing things and putting them together in a completely new way - Malgosia Bartosik, Deputy CEO at WindEurope, aptly put it during the launching ceremony of the boat designed to transport crews to offshore wind farms. The ceremony took place in virtual reality. The unit was also virtual. The presence of the godmother, Malgosia Bartosik, as well.

This was the first event of its kind and the only simulator of its kind in the world. It is intended to train the personnel who will operate Polish wind farms. This way, the Center of New Competences meets the growing market demand for the services of qualified specialists in the field of offshore wind.

Skipper's skill set

– Crew Transfer Vessels are used not only for construction, but also to service wind turbines at sea. The labor market still lacks qualified helmsmen who are capable of operating such boats, points out Tomasz Lisiecki, President of CNK. According to him, it is difficult to envision the development of the offshore wind energy industry without qualified staff.

A microgrant for research and development was awarded to LKK by the Marshal's Office of the Pomeranian Voivodeship in support of this project. An innovative entity was selected as the contractor for the innovative project, i.e. the start-up Flint Systems operating within the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, specializing in the development and production of training simulators using VR technology.

Conceptualization included the creation of a CTV unit application in conjunction with the motion platform, consisting of a helmsman's seat and a desktop in a futuristic-looking enclosure. Based on a realistic simulation, the tool is able to reflect the physical parameters of the ship and its environment. A number of factors specific to the marine environment are taken into account in the software, including wave action, currents, wind, fog, precipitation, etc. Thus, it provides a complete system for preparing marine crews for the service of masts and wind turbines.

– With this tool, we will be able to train even the most extreme maneuvers on land, in a safe environment. This will enable the sudents to be prepared when working on the open sea – explains Tomasz Lisiecki.

Training on a stationary simulator is not only more comfortable but also cheaper and more eco-friendly.

Obtain qualifications in the port and offshore industry at half the price

Implementing the CTV simulator project is part of CNK's general plan to provide students with modern and effective educational tools to prepare them for entering the labor market. A series of specialist operator training courses are being launched as part of the Invest in Pomerania Academy initiative. These courses cover both theoretical and practical training and conclude with exams and the issuance of licenses. Each participant will receive co-financing of 50% of the training and exam costs. Approximately half of the trainees are expected to be employed within 6 months of completing the training. CNK provides support in obtaining job offers from its partners as an operator of a tower crane, RTG crane, terminal tractor, forklift, and reach stacker. Foreigners can participate in training. Polish language training has been successfully implemented by CNK according to the needs of operators.

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